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Kick off the year with some new Web Tools!

The start of the school year is a fresh, new start and opportunity to try some new things in the classroom. Here are a few free web-based tools for both you and your students to check out!

Google Search Stories Video Creator:

This free web-tool allows users to create a “video story” in less than five minutes. Users can essentially tell a story through Google searches. Add music, and upload your video to YouTube to share with others. Provide students with a prompt-such as a video introducing themselves to the rest of the class-and have them share their videos with the rest of the class!


Voice Thread:

This is a great tool because it combines creating videos with various tools to comment and collaborate with one another. After your video is created, comment with voice, audio, text or video and then share with others so they can comment, too!

Be sure to regularly check our blog for the newest tech tips, tools and resources to use in your classroom this year!