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Your New go-to Gadget

There are so many great free programs to use on the internet to organize every aspect of your busy schedule and busy life that sometimes it is a bit overwhelming. These are supposed to be helpful and ease our stress, but that might be difficult when you have one program for your calendar, one for your group conversations, one to set up meetings and share files, and you get the picture.

Enter Wiggio. Wiggio may be the program you have been looking for all along-the program that combines everything you could desire from a free web-based tool. Create a group, invite members, and create a central location where everyone can share posts, share links, upload files, create events on a calendar, send various types of messages (including text!), create polls, or set up different types of meetings. Wiggio can even sync with other programs, such as Google Calendar.

Wiggio seems to be the program that contains just about everything a group could desire. Try this program to facilitate communication with department teams, classes, colleagues, or families.