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Your New Favorite Web Tool

It’s a pretty well-known fact that college students aren’t exactly “rolling in the dough”, so when it comes to buying software packages like Microsoft Office, it can be a bit of a problem. Instead of trekking through the cold and snow to the library every time Word is needed to write a paper, or PowerPoint to create a presentation, try Microsoft Office Live.

This tool is available to anyone with a Windows Live ID (which is free!). Simply sign up, sign in, and start creating documents in condensed versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. While these applications may be condensed versions, they still offer many of the features that are most often used in the full versions. Another perk to using Microsoft Office Live is that after creating their documents, users are able to save their files to SkyDrive so they can access them anywhere, anytime. Free versions of Office plus a storage space for documents in the cloud? I’m sold, and your students will be too! So save them (and yourself!) some money, time, and stress by utilizing the greatness of Microsoft Office Live.

A Buried Treasure of Google

The majority of your students (and perhaps you as well) probably have accounts with Google for email. But do you really know what else you can do with it? Well, many things. But for starters, Google Docs offers a great application, especially for busy college students completing group projects.

Google Docs offers users the ability to collaborate live on the same document and make edits, at no charge. Users are able to open their documents from their personal computers anywhere, make their own edits, see the edits of others, and use the chat feature to discuss with their group members.  It’s easy to use, and makes completing group work a much more simple and enjoyable assignment. Check out our Google Docs handout for information on how to use this great feature.

Share this great tip with them and they will be able to avoid the dreaded task of finding a location and time that works with the entire group’s crammed schedules.   And lookout for workshops in the spring to learn more about Google Docs and the other great applications offered for free by Google!