Monthly Archives: December 2010

HRB Power Outage

Upon investigating a network outage in Sunflower, we discovered that HRB
has NO power. There is a work crew there replacing some equipment.

We had no knowledge of this outage prior to investigating. The switches
for Sunflower are connected via HRB.

We have no idea on the length for this downtime. Sunflower will have no
connectivity until the power comes back on.

Webmail Switch today (Updated)

Update 2:00-

The Helpdesk has received alot of calls with people unable to access webmail via various different cell phones. The new Exchange 2010 front end servers were not authenticating properly to the Exchange 2003 mailbox servers via ActiveSync. Janis and I found and fixed this with a hotfix available from Microsoft. Tests on the phones we have available to us (iPhone, Droid) seem to work OK now, but others such as Palm and some Blackberries may still have some issues.

The only other issue we are seeing is with SSL certificates not being trusted, and we are attempting to fix this issue on phones we are familiar with.

We have switched to point to the Exchange 2010 front end
servers. All webmail traffic will now go through Exchange 2010.

There have been reported issues with people off campus not being able to
connect to webmail, and we have found these to usually be DNS related

Some providers are taking longer to pick up the DNS changes than others.
Also, clearing a machine’s DNS cache is sometimes necessary.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server Upgrade Notice

Users of the UIS BlackBerry system have been notified that  ITS will be upgrading BLackBerry Enterprise Server on Tuesday, January 4, 2011, to the latest version of the server software. The need to upgrade this service is due to our current version (4.1) will soon be reaching it’s end of support by Research in Motion and to provide continued Microsoft Exchange service as we begin migrating UIS users to Exchange 2010. This upgrade will require that the server be temporarily unavailable during the upgrade process but will require no interaction by users.
A list of features that will be available once the upgrade process has completed is available at:

UISDC3 Decomissioning

The UISAD Domain Controller UISDC3 will be decommissioned when we come
back from holiday break. If you have anything pointed at that DC
directly for authentication/LDAP lookups etc., please move your pointers
to UISDC01 or UISDC02.

If you have any questions, please contact Janis or Brian in Systems


Internet Access Down from the UIS Campus

FINAL UPDATE: Just got a call from CITES (10:22 PM). The network engineers found a software fault on one of the routers and corrected it.

UPDATE3: Internet access has been restored (about 10 PM). No word yet from CITES on what the cause was.

UPDATE2: CITES tech support person (Nathan) took my info and will contact network specialists and get back to me. Access to several web sites at works fine. Access to web sites at the Chicago campus does not. Could be a hardware failure or possible a configuration issue. We will need to wait to hear back from the CITES folks before we have any info on how much longer it might be down.

UPDATE1: We’ve confirmed that this issue seems to be with the ICCN network, outside of UIS’s sphere of control. We are attempting to contact someone at the ICCN NOC now.

Approximately 7:00 PM this evening, access to and from the Internet from the UIS campus stopped working. ITS staff are currently working on the problem.

ITS Blog Posts Display Name

If you haven’t done so yet, I encourage you to take a minute to log into the ITS blog and update your profile info so that your name is displayed rather than just your NetID. That way it’ll be easier for people to know who is posting the information or comments.

It’s very easy to do this: just use the ‘Your Profile’ link on left. There’s a place there to enter your profile information, including your display preferences.

Cellular Signal Repeater in HSB

Monday Todd reported the lack of quality Cell Signal in the help desk

After investigating we found the repeater itself was completely dead, no
power at all.

We had the Electricians test the receptacle, that was good. They also
tested the small fuse on the power connection of the Repeater it too was

We contacted the vendor and have returned the device in for

The one year warranty would have expired in two days. Thanks to Todd we
were able to get this returned under warranty.

NextGen DataCenter Wiki Updated

For those of you participating (or just wanting to follow along) in the discussion about the direction for our datacenter(s):

I have added new content to the wiki under the “Internal Considerations” link, including a document that provides the most detailed estimate to date on how virtualizing servers can save the University money, even after accounting for SAN and VMware licensing costs.

There is also updated content in many other areas, including the proposed implementation framework (under ‘Transition Plan”). Please read through the documents and wiki updates and post any comments you may have.

The desired outcome of Friday’s meeting is:

  • to gain consensus that moving forward with implementation will be in the best interest of both UIS and ITS.
  • Adopt the framework shown under the Transition Plan section for phased implementation (or some agreed-upon variation of it).
  • List next steps to be taken with targeted completion dates.