UPDATE: HSB Core Switch Failure and Response

Once again, my sincerest “Thank You!” to everyone, both those who directly worked on recovery yesterday and the rest of us that helped keep the campus community calm and informed. While there are several lessons we can learn from this experience, the most important thing we rediscovered is that ITS people are both highly skilled and ready to assist in unity when times like these come around.

I thought you’d also enjoy hearing a small sampling of comments from the UIS community:

“Thanks Todd.  You guys keep up the good work.  Appreciate it!”   Larry Golden

“Thank you for your work.  These events serve to show us how much we rely on your office and how seldom we have any problems.”  Marilyn Kok

“Todd, great work from you and your people.”  Patty Stoutamyer

“Great, that [getting BB back up] was quick! And, it seems to be running even faster now. Great job handling the problems, thanks so much!!”  Rachel Tohme

“Hi Todd, I just wanted to personally thank you and all your staff for the great job you all did getting us back up and running!  I don’t know what we would do without you! Thanks and much appreciation!!!”   Candace Powers

“Todd, We appreciate what you and your staff have done throughout the day – THANKS TO ALL!  We take our communication system so much for granted.  It is sometimes a blessing when all goes down, so we really can appreciate what we have.”  Charlene Lambert

“Actually I and many other nameless souls appreciate your efforts on this challenging day.  If it was up to me to fix this mess I would have sat in my office weeping like a child. Good Job boys [and girls]!”  Jim Bonacum

“Thank you for all of your efforts to get our network services up and running.”  Neil Headman

“Todd, sounds like you & your team have indeed had a challenging day.  Thanks for everyone’s hard work getting things back on track.  I’m sure it wasn’t easy.”  Milissa Thibodeaux-Thompson

“Thank you, and the rest of the IT staff, for all of your hard work today. I really appreciate the swiftness with which the problems (as least from a user’s standpoint) were resolved. Thanks again.”  Tony Lombardo

“Hey Todd, Thank you and your staff for your hard work today.  Now BREATHE!” Teresa Szabo

These are just a sampling of the comments that Todd (as our information spokesman) received throughout the day yesterday. In fact, out of the 40-50 responses received, ALL OF THEM were positive. Farokh also received a personal Thank You from Chancellor Berman as well.

Again, thank you, everyone.

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