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Emergency EAS Change

From: Flanagin, Susan
Sent: Thursday, January 13, 2011 11:13 AM
To: AITS ADSD ESC CF Notification
Cc: AITS COE Service Desk; AITS Leadership Team (LT)
Subject: Emergency EAS change

We have discovered a security vulnerability in EAS (Enterprise Authentication Service) that needs to be implemented immediately. We are planning to implement a fix to EAS from 12:15-12:30 today. Users who are already logged in will not be impacted until they try to hit EAS again. At that time, a user might receive an error. New users will not be able to login to EAS until the fix is implemented. I am sending a note to Banner Forms Users in a few minutes.

We apologize for this inconvenience. If you have any questions, please let me know.


Susan Flanagin
Enterprise Systems Coordination (ESC) Team
Administrative Information Technology Services (AITS)

New Training Modules in Skillsets

I noticed the other day that there are new courses available in skillsets featuring such topics as Office 2007 and Windows 7.  More information can be found here:

Remember that ITS purchased 15 licenses for these trainings, so if you are interested in taking one you can contact Jamie Voyles to arrange it.


eDocs issues

There were two different eDocs issues over the last week.

The first issue was the loss of access due to license cleanup. We were desperately close to the max on our available licenses so we had to cleanup some unused licenses. We ran a script that targeted users with no files in their personal eDocs directory. We were able to release 2600 licenses from the system but some people who did not have anything in their personal directories lost access to their department folders. None of the files from the department directories have been removed, only the access to those individuals that had nothing in their personal folder. Department directory administrators can add those individuals that lost their access back to the directory without the loss of data. In order to eliminate this problem in the future please have all users of the department directories upload a file to their personal edocs account so that the script will skip them for removal in the future.

The second issue was with the upgrade of edocs from 7.1 to 7.2. After the upgrade, Windows XP users are no longer able to map a network drive. The reason this occurred is because Windows XP does not support encrypted authentication for mapped drives. For security reasons eDocs 7.2 eliminated the ability to authenticate with plain text passwords, thus removing the ability for Windows XP to map a drive. We have a 30 day trial version of a software provided by xythos (the company that makes eDocs), that we can use to help XP users map a drive while we work on a permanent solution.

BigFix Pilot Update #2

Testing continues on the BigFix pilot that we’re participating in with others at UIUC (see previous post here). Todd, Andrew V. and myself have been learning more about the capabilities of this tool and the initial results are looking quite promising. The inventory data returned is quite nice, and the early look at the power management functions is quite intriguing.

The next step in the pilot will be to install the client on as many ITS-managed machines as possible so we can get a broader perspective. You will be hearing from Todd soon asking you to install the client on your computers (desktop or notebook, PC or Mac). I would ask that you join us in helping to test this new system.

The pilot will be completed around the first of February.

Brookens Water Shut-off Friday Jan. 14

The Facilities and Services department has uncovered an issue with one of the main water valves that serves the Brookens Library building. This will require our stationary engineers, working with Henson Robinson Co., to shut down the water service to that building from 5 AM through (approximately) noon that same day. If for some unforeseen circumstance a delay is caused for the plumbers, it may extend the re-filling of the water system for the building into the afternoon. As soon as the building plumbing systems are functional again that day, I will inform the campus. The delay in accomplishing this earlier during the holiday break was due to the lead time needed, to order and receive the valve.

I am sending this e-mail initially as a “head’s up” to each of you, but will also be sending a “reminder” to the campus this coming Wednesday.

Should your staff require the use of the “facilities”, they would need to go to the Public Affairs Center.

David T. Barrows

eDocs Concern

Last Wednesday, we cleared the eDocs accounts with nothing in their personal folders. The good news is that 2600 licenses were recovered. However, it’s come to our attention (via panicked phone calls) that there are at least some eDocs users who keep all their content in their Department directories. Wednesday’s action caused them to lose their bookmarks as well access to their Dept accounts.

We are currently directing folks to the TSC where a ticket is generated for Tom, which Tom promptly takes care of.

However, Friday afternoon I got a call from the Provost Office – Debbie Gill was one of the affected users. Which leads me to pose the question – do you think we should send out a campus-wide e-mail directing folks to the TSC if they experience any trouble accessing their eDocs files? With the start of the semester right around the corner, I think perhaps encouraging people to check now for a problem might be easier on all of us.

Edocs Upgrade Complete

The eDocs upgrade to 7.2 is complete. Along with the addition of
thumbnails, the advanced uploader is now fixed. I was also able to use
web folders that were previously unavailable since I installed Office

In order to turn on thumbnail view, click on the view icon on the right
hand side of the browser screen. Select “use current folder settings as
default” to switch all your views to thumbnail view.

Also the bookmarks icon has been replaced by the word “Bookmarks”
located in the top right.

Give the new system a try and let me know if you notice any problems or
new features that you find noteworthy.


Thomas W Sidener