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Hiring policies and procedures

As we are in the process of filling several vacant positions, I’d like to remind everyone of the importance of total adherence to the policies and procedures governing the AP and CS searches. Without exception, all candidates should be given equal chance, selections should be solely based on position requirements and candidates’ credentials, and that the person who is the best fit for the job should be offered the position. Under no circumstances those involved in the search process should give any applicant preferential treatment.
Thanks, Farokh

Interesting Reading: The Hacking of HBGary Security Firm

Here is a well written article describing a recent security breach at a high-profile security firm. This article describes in easy-to-understand language the various faults–both technological and human–that came together to allow this breach to take place. There are several valuable lessons we can all learn from this incident. Two of them should be to never assume someone’s identity is valid over the Internet, and never send a password via e-mail. See if you can find some of the others.

Let me know what you think.

CPBC Survey

The chair of the Campus Planning and Budget Committee for UIS, Baker Siddiquee, will be sending out a very brief survey. The purpose is to help the committee clarify the campus budget priorities. The survey is only 3 questions and should take only 5 minutes. Please take a moment and share your thoughts.

Jamie Voyles

Brief Mail Outage

We had a brief mail outage that affected only the people and departments located on uismail2.

The server suffered a failed drive, and it seems the system locked up (it fell, and couldn’t get back up) when trying to rebuild itself.
We gave the server some Geritol(r) and changed its Depends(r) , and initiated a manual rebuild. The server is now running, but slowly for the next few hours as the disk rebuilds.

Currently all mail services are functioning properly.

UPDATE: IMAP/POP Email Support

A study shows that there is very little use of the IMAP and POP protocols to access the UIS Exchange email system. Virtually all email clients have Exchange-specific connectors built in, including most mobile devices.

So it has been decided to implement a plan to phase out all IMAP and POP access to the Exchange mail system by the start of the fall semester. By that time, all Exchange 2003 users will have been migrated to Exchange 2010 which should eliminate virtually all remaining dependencies. We will be announcing this change to the campus in the May/June time frame to ensure everyone who might still be affected sufficient time to adjust.

Vbrick Video Streaming

ITS is partnering with the Office of Electronic Media to purchase the VBrick video streaming system. The configuration includes (2) H.264 standard definition single channel encoders and (1) H.264 high definition capable dual channel decoder. VBrick will allow us to stream video from any location on campus. See the diagram at for an overview.

How Technology Can Alter Paradigms

Everyone one here is probably quite familiar with the “Please silence your cell phone” messages at the start of a movie. Now, we’re beginning to see the opposite approach.

“At Abilene Christian University, attendees at a recent performance of Othello were asked not to turn their phones off during the performance, but instead to use them to receive messages throughout the performance. Cast members behind the scenes sent messages to clarify Shakespearean language, share scene summaries, and interact with the audience through a live blog.”

from The Horizon Report 2011

What do you think? Do you see changes like this happening in your world?