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Temporary Authentication Issue

Something caused one of our domain controllers to stop responding to requests a few moments ago. Upon investigation, the server appeared to be being bombarded by authentication requests. This caused the server to run out of memory, and stop responding all together. The server has been rebooted, and seems to be working properly. We are monitoring it closely, and investigating the cause of the problem.

Services that were affected and reported to the helpdesk include: Legacy webmail (Exchange 2003 Webmail)


NGDC RFP Status Update

I just got off the phone with Jay in Purchasing. They are ready to announce the award of the RFP today (Horray!). Please continue to not discuss the RFP with any third party until after the announcement is made.

Next is a process of having the winner sign the contract, then having our legal review the contract, then having our administrators sign the contract. Jay estimated this would take 2-3 weeks. He is shooting for an begin date of May 15th, but that date is not firm. He said we should not hold our meetings with the winner until after the contract is signed.

I did let him know that we had fixed deadlines for having the system configured and functioning as needed for the start of the Fall semester, and asked that they would do whatever they could to keep the process moving as quickly as possible.

CAPE Award Reception

Please join us on Thursday, April 28, at 4:00 p.m. in the PAC Restaurant as the Chancellor announces the recipient of the 2011 Chancellor’s Academic Professional Excellence (CAPE) Award. The CAPE Award honors all Academic Professionals at UIS by recognizing one outstanding AP each year. This year’s nominees are:

*** James Burgdorf ***
*** Andy Egizi ***
*** Carmalita Kemayo ***
*** Jim Korte ***
*** Tulio Llosa ***
*** Carly Shank ***
*** Shawn Craig Shures ***

Take this opportunity to meet and congratulate this year’s honoree. Refreshments and a cash bar will be available.

Barbara Cass, Chair
CAPE Committee

Response to User Question about Browser Compatibility

A user has posted a comment on the IT Service Status Blog post asking what the best browser is for compatibility with UIS systems. I’ve put this response together, but would like to get some other viewpoints. Please post your comments here.

“There is always a some trade off that comes with balancing browser features, compatibility and security, and with each new release comes a shifting of that balance. No one browser is best at everything. From what we know today, current versions of Internet Explorer 7 and 8 work well, as does Firefox 3.x. We are also not aware of any compatibility issues with Safari 5. My recommendation is to have more than one browser installed, so that when an issue comes up, you can quickly switch to another browser to see if that resolves it.

Firefox 4 is at the leading edge of web capabilities, using features and methods that some web sites are not fully capable of supporting yet. I’m sure that this will change before too long, especially with the upcoming release of Internet Explorer 9 (IE 10 is already on the road map as well).”

Password Reset Page

I have updated some files associated with the Password Reset Page as required by AITS. The files that I updated have to do with gateway communication between us and the broker. Everything seems to be working but if anyone experiences or hears that someone else is experiencing problems please let me know.

Thomas W Sidener
Assistant Director
Software Applications & Database Support
Information Technology Services
University of Illinois at Springfield
HSB 115


We are currently experiencing problems with edocs. We are resetting all the connections to see if that fixes the problem. The eDocs system should be back up momentarily.

Thomas W Sidener
Assistant Director
Software Applications & Database Support
Information Technology Services
University of Illinois at Springfield
HSB 115

Basement of UHB

With all this rain, I thought I should check the water leak situation in the data room of UHB. There is NO water. The efforts made by the facilities group were successful and we have a dry server room

Jamie Voyles
HSB 119
217 206-7840

Emergency Notifications April 19 2011

Whenever an event like this occurs we should take a moment to evaluate what went well and what didn’t. Knowing how things worked or didn’t allows us to improve.

The “Informacast” campus wide broadcast worked in some cases and in others it did not. This service should broadcast the message from every Cisco IP phone on campus. We are investigating why there was intermittent service, some phones did not play the message. We will monitor Informacast and see if it is getting updates from the Cisco UCM server, and will plan some testing for after the semester.

My understanding is that the text messages went out just fine using the “MyStateUSA” service. I received 3 or 4 messages from the UIS police on my cell phone. There were some issues with the emails that followed, but I don’t know the details.

Good that we have the systems in place and that the police were able to use them when needed, bad that they were needed.

Jamie Voyles
HSB 119
217 206-7840

ICCN Network Maintenance Planned Apr 23, 3:30 – 6:30 AM

## Description ##
ICCN Engineers will be relocating the two ICCN Routers located at 710 Lake Shore Drive. This move is to facilitate new ICCN optical equipment being installed in the same location.

## Impact ##
The Routers will be moved individually with an emphasis on ensuring continual connectivity while each router is being moved. Users may experience brief interruptions as routing fails over from one router to the other during each move.

## Notes ##
The moves are not expected to take the full window but a 3-hour window has been scheduled.

If you experience any issues you believe to be related to this issue please contact us via one of the methods given below.

## Contact Info ##
Emergency: 217-265-4226
Web Ticket: