Response to User Question about Browser Compatibility

A user has posted a comment on the IT Service Status Blog post asking what the best browser is for compatibility with UIS systems. I’ve put this response together, but would like to get some other viewpoints. Please post your comments here.

“There is always a some trade off that comes with balancing browser features, compatibility and security, and with each new release comes a shifting of that balance. No one browser is best at everything. From what we know today, current versions of Internet Explorer 7 and 8 work well, as does Firefox 3.x. We are also not aware of any compatibility issues with Safari 5. My recommendation is to have more than one browser installed, so that when an issue comes up, you can quickly switch to another browser to see if that resolves it.

Firefox 4 is at the leading edge of web capabilities, using features and methods that some web sites are not fully capable of supporting yet. I’m sure that this will change before too long, especially with the upcoming release of Internet Explorer 9 (IE 10 is already on the road map as well).”

3 thoughts on “Response to User Question about Browser Compatibility

  1. Andrew Fitzpatrick

    IE9 has already been released, so you might want to tweak that part a bit.

    You also might want to add in some info about Chrome. It is probably at the same compatibility level as Safari, since they use the same rendering engine.

  2. Jamie

    You are trying hard to keep your answer simple and that’s good. A simple answer to a very difficult question can be a challenge. Not to be flippant but what is best is what works.

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