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Cisco Unified Communication Manager server restart

We have recently been getting some error messages from the CUCM server.
Available virtual memory below 30 Percent. tomcat (972 MB) uses most of the memory

We were informed from Cisco TAC that this is still within normal operational parameters so nothing to worry about. The cause maybe due to the length of time the servers have been up and running and when we looked into that we found that CUCM 2 (the server that talks to all of the phones) had been running for 497 days. CUCM 1 (the server we make changes through) has been up for 432 days. The technician we were dealing with on the TAC case said it is recommended to restart the servers every 100 to 150 days. Something we can do every semester.

The restart will be done during the Maintenance window Thursday May 26 (5:00 to 7:00 am)

We will restart CUCM 1 first, this will have no impact on the phones, once that server is back up and running we will restart CUCM 2. When we restart CUCM 2 all of the phones will switch over to CUCM 1, this will cause the phones to reset and may take a minute for the reconfiguration to complete.

Jamie Voyles
HSB 119
217 206-7840

Incoming Email Slowdown

The Barraccuda Spam/Virus firewall experienced some problems this morning with mail queues backing up.  It was rebooted and  an issue reconnecting to the network.   It is now connected and running and all email is flowing correctly.  Barracuda Support will be monitoring it from offsite to see if there are any further issues.

Be Sure to Say Goodbye

Andrew Vermie’s last day at UIS in this friday (may 27th) and Stan Warman’s last day is Tuesday, May 31st.  Andrew has taken a job with Horace Mann and Stan is retiring with no definate plans other than gaming on his new computer.  I will miss them both and wish them both well in thier future endevours!


Switch A in UHB basement

One of the two Cisco 6509 switches in the basement of UHB lost power yesterday (Sunday May 22 @ 1:37PM). This switch did not restart correctly and required a manual restart on Monday. It was up and working at 8:36am Monday morning.
Not sure why the switch lost power or if that was what really happened. The switch is connected to a working UPS and the UPS was powered up and running.

We did discover that one of the Domain controllers is located in UHB connected only to the A 6509 switch. Any applications of services which had that specific DC unit selected for identification failed. The ARC attendant console was one such application, and some of the webmail servers were trying to use this DC unit and failed.

Jamie Voyles
HSB 119
217 206-7840

Business Objects XI Release 3.1 Upgrade Postponed

The upgrade to Business Objects 3.1 has been delayed (see below). I will keep everyone informed as more information becomes up to date.
Thank You


From: [] On Behalf Of DS Communications
Sent: Friday, May 20, 2011 5:09 PM
To: ‘’
Subject: Business Objects XI Release 3.1 Upgrade Postponed

The Business Objects XI upgrade to Release 3.1 has been postponed.

The upgrade was originally scheduled for June 4, with a preview environment planned for May 23. However, the vendor could not resolve certain issues within this timeframe to provide a stable and fully-featured environment for Business Objects users. For this reason, we decided to postpone the upgrade until these issues can be resolved. Additional information will be provided in the future.

Thank you,

You are receiving this message because you have access to Business Objects. To change your access, contact your USC.

Windows Updates Soon *PLEASE READ*

We will begin performing Windows Updates on campus servers next week. Servers that will not affect end users will be updated early in the week, and we will notify the campus that servers which may impact end users will be updated on Thursday.

Important Note! – As I posted in a previous blog, Windows 2008 & Windows 7 Service Pack 1 is available. Please let us know if applications on Windows 2008 servers you maintain have any compatibility issues with Service Pack 1. We have tested SP1 with Active Directory, DNS, and Exchange, and found no issues. If you need us to hold off on updating a server, please let me or Janis know as soon as possible.

Windows 2003 Servers will not be affected – no Service Pack is available, as this operating system is past its mainstream lifecycle.

Kelly’s Portfolio Nominated for Award

As you know, Kelly did her AST with the ISAT team this spring and was instrumental in preparing for the migration to Exchange 2010.  She is solely responsible for designing and creating the top-notch videos and hand-outs on the new features, which have been wildly appreciated by the campus.  Her efforts have not gone unnoticed.  Dr. Rozema has nominated her AST portfolio for the Craig A. Brown Outstanding Student Award.  Way to go, Kelly!

In case you haven’t had a chance to check out her work, the videos and hand-outs are posted on our Exchange 2010 page.

Camtasia Relay Upgrade

The Camtasia Relay server software will be upgraded from version 2.0 to version 3.0 this Thursday during the weekly maintenance window.

New and improved in Camtasia Relay 3.0:

Automatically transcribe audio from your recordings into caption data
Integration with Camtasia Studio and Camtasia for Mac.
New presenter dashboard and alert system
Improved search accuracy
Enhanced audio capture

Following the upgrade of the server, users will be notified through the Camtasia Relay recorder software that there is a new version available for download and installation.