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Emiquon T-1 line

The T-1at Emiquon is up and working!
AT&T found several bad pairs.
Also the staff at the field station had moved some of the patch cords on the router which delayed the restoration of the internet connectivity.

Jamie Voyles
HSB 119
217 206-7840

Emiquon T-1 line

The T-1 line to Emiquon is down. AT&T has dispatched once and found trouble but it did not return service to the field station. A second Tech will be dispatched tomorrow AM to continue the effort. I will keep you and Mike Lemke posted.

Jamie Voyles
HSB 119
217 206-7840

E-Mail Issues Yesterday

Yesterday afternoon a mass mail from Admissions caused many providers such as Yahoo, SBC, Gmail, and others to either rate control mail from UIS or block it all together (blacklist). We were also added to the spam list at Spamhaus. We were able to get the situation under control, and route UIS mail out via a different server. We have also taken steps to get ourselves de-listed from the necessary agencies. To the best of our knowledge, no mail was lost in this process, but there were delays – some delays were quite long – in outgoing mail until approximately 7PM last night.

Weekend Power Surge Causes Service Disruptions

At about 9:00 PM Saturday evening, several components in UHB experienced either complete failure or went into a degraded state. At about the same time, a UPS unit in the HSB datacenter also shut down. The most likely cause of this was a lightning strike somewhere nearby that sent a power surge or power drop through the campus power grid, knocking some systems offline. There was enough redundancy in most systems so that this event did not affect access to campus network services. All core campus services such as e-mail, eDocs, DHCP, DNS, and others remained up and functioning. However, Exchange public folders are not redundant and the server in UHB hosting them was knocked out (which also prevented the daily campus announcements from running). Some network ports in the UHB building were also knocked out, as was a print server in the HSB datacenter.

As of now, the affected servers and switches have been rebooted and all but one switch is back to normal operations. That one switch is part of the core backbone network and there are redundant network paths in place so that this is no service disruption.

My thanks to everyone who played a part in getting things working again this morning!


IT Service Status Blog Reminder

Just a reminder that, when performing triage on network services that are down, please take the time to send an e-mail to if the problem cannot be resolved quickly so that the campus community can be notified that we are aware of the problem and are working to address it.. More detailed information on how this blog should be used is in the guideline document on eDocs.



Firefox 5 Released

The Mozilla Foundation has just released Firefox 5, the next iteration of their popular browser. It would be good idea for ITS folks to download it and see if they find any problems accessing any major systems such as Blackboard and eDocs so we can be proactive in keeping the campus community updated of any issues they might encounter should they choose to use it. I’ve briefly tried it with eDocs and haven’t yet found any problems.

This new version can be found here:


New ITS Staff Profiles Page


On behalf of Farokh and several other hard-working volunteers, I am happy to announce that there is now a new staff profiles page that has a much improved look and feel. The new page is already up and running and you can visit it here:

This new look is in direct response to the requests that came out of our January staff retreat. The goal of making this change is that we each can get to know more about who the other ITS staff members are, what they do, and what interests them.

To facilitate that, the new page allows for the addition of more biographical data for each individual. This data is to be created by you, the individual employees. You have complete control over how much or how little you would like to share with other ITS staff and the UIS community. You can include text, photos, videos, and links to other web and social networking sites if you wish. Just look for the “Read more about…” links.

Need help with ideas on what to write about? No problem. We’ve developed a list of questions that you can use to get the creative juices flowing. Just see the file “Staff Profile Sample Questions.docx” on eDocs (

The information posted here will be publicly available, and needs to present both you and ITS in a good light, so please use good judgement. To submit your information for posting, first forward it to your supervisor for review. Supervisors should then forward the approved content to Jeff Suddeth, who will take care of getting it posted.

Finally, thanks to everyone who worked so hard behind the scenes to make this happen: Jeff Suddeth, Jamie Voyles, Tulio Llosa, Pam Rodgers, Gary Bach, Veronica Espina, and Maurene Hoover.


Maintenance (26Jun2011 0600-0800)

The last post did not work very well
So let’s try this.

From: ICCN Outages / Maintenance [mailto:ICCN-OUTAGES-L@LISTSERV.ILLINOIS.EDU] On Behalf Of Ryan Harden
Sent: Tuesday, June 21, 2011 1:21 PM
Subject: ICCN Scheduled Event: Maintenance (26Jun2011 0600-0800)

## Description ##
ICCN Engineers will perform software maintenance to adjust for increasing route table sizes. These changes are a temporary measure until a permanent solution can be implemented.

## Timeline ##
On Sunday, Jun 26, 2011 at 0600 AM, Engineers will add the new configuration, reboot each router, and verify the changes took affect as expected.

## Impact ##
The ICCN routers will be rebooted one at a time. This should minimize the impact on ICCN Services. There will be brief outages to ISP and Research network connectivity as those routers are rebooted.

Optical only customers will not be affected by this maintenance.

## Notes ##
If you experience problems after the maintenance window that you believe to be caused by this maintenance, please contact ICCN Ops.

Emergency: 217-265-4226
Web Ticket: