Monthly Archives: June 2011

Pharos / Diebold update

During the Pharos server migration today we learned that Pharos and CBORD no longer supports the Diebold ETI gateway which we have been using for years at UIS for billing for print jobs. Pharos now uses a billing gateway that talks to the CBORD system that the iCard office supports on campus. This change took affect after CBORD acquired the Diebold Card Systems Division a few years ago. The old ETI system was replaced by a more secure xml communication protocol.

The reason the printing billing process was not working today after the migration was because this new change required a special license installed on the CBORD system. Late this afternoon Greg from the iCard office acquired and installed a 30-day temporary license from CBORD, and now Pharos printing and billing is working properly.

A CBORD license will need to be purchased before the 30 day temp license expires.

Upgrade to InformaCast software

We are planning to upgrade the InformaCast software to the latest version, 8.0. It didn’t make any sense to upgrade to an older version.

The campus impact will be minimal, should be zero.

No emergencies are allowed Thursday morning.

Jamie Voyles
HSB 119
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