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SDM is having issues

This is from John Cowsert at AITS, due most likely to extremely high volume service desk application is experiencing issues. AITS is working to resolve the issue but may have to take down the application to resolve the issue.

Thanks! 🙂

From: Help Desk Steering Team [mailto:CLARIFYTEAM@LISTSERV.UIC.EDU] On Behalf Of Cowsert, John
Sent: Friday, August 19, 2011 12:27 PM
Subject: Emergency Event Notice: SDM is having issues
Importance: High

We are working on problems occurring with CA Unicenter Service Desk Manager. The service may have to be brought down and back up again.


NGDC Status Update – August 15

New Equallogic iSCSI SAN units (left) and the new Dell blade servers (right).

The installation of the Dell systems for the next generation data center project is still underway. Dell personnel have encountered several issues with the technology that they have had to resolve and they have not completely conquered them all. A new hardware support technician is currently en route to UIS and should be onsite tomorrow morning. We are hoping to have a system ready to use very soon.

As soon as the hardware issues have been resolved, we are ready to begin building out the VMware VSphere environment. The build out is expected to take about a week. We’ll then spend a couple of weeks testing and documenting the entire system to ensure it is stable and performing at its peak. After the Labor Day holiday, we plan on beginning the migration of production-level servers to the new environment and moving ahead with the virtual desktop pilot project.



Adobe MuseAdobe™ Muse. I just recently heard about this new product from Adobe for webpage development. It is still in development and I have downloaded a beta version for testing…but Adobe Muse potentially could have a great impact with web developers and graphic designers alike. This could also be utilized in the educational environment for faculty, staff, and students who wish to produce webpages (or websites) more easily!

Wireless ‘eduroam’ Network Down

For those folks participating in the testing of the Eduroam wireless network on our campus, the authentication to that network has stopped working. Our resident expert on this network, Scott, is currently out of town until late next week. We’re trying to reach him by phone to see if there is anything he can help us with remotely, but have not been successful yet.

Camtasia Relay Upgrade

The Camtasia Relay server software will be upgraded from version 3.0 to version 3.1 this Thursday during the weekly maintenance window.

New features in Camtasia Relay 3.1:

New video codec
Mac OS X Lion Support
Usage Data Reporting
Techsmith Fuse – App that allows you to use or record video from iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and have it processed with Relay

Following the upgrade of the server, users will be notified through the Camtasia Relay recorder software that there is a new version available for download and installation.