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Indentity & Access Management Demo

Today beginning at 3:00 pm, Courion will be presenting a live demo of the identity provisioning system they are proposing for the University of Illinois. This provisioning system will have a direct impact on the way identities in Active Directory, Exchange and other systems are provisioned and managed over their lifetime on the UIS campus. The demo is being held at UIUC and we are participating via video conference in BRK 141A. Anyone who is interested in seeing what the capabilities of this system would be may join in.

myUIS Portal and WebTools portlets (FIXED…see comments)

Hi all, We’re experiencing an issue with all of our WebTools portlets – none of these are rendering in any of the campus portals.

I’ve contacted our server and portal admins, as well as the WebTools folks and their server admin, and will update you all as I get more information. Thanks, Todd

Todd Nelson
AITS, University of Illinois

Handling Requests for Used Computers

Objectives: To satisfy requests for used equipment – for use by GAs, part-time staff, adjunct faculty, etc. – with minimal administrative overhead and by following the established University procedures for equipment transfer.

  • Technology Support Center (TSC) & Learning Spaces Support Team (LSST) will keep a small number of machines that are deemed usable for the above population.
  • The best of the used machines will be kept. All others will be surplused or scraped following existing procedures.
  • ITS will only accept machines from other units that have been officially transferred to ITS via the FABweb fixed assets system.
  • Requests for used equipment will be forwarded to Pam and Todd.
  • Once availability is confirmed, TSC or LSST (depending on where the machines are going) will prepare the equipment based on the requester’s needs, and work with Kelly to initiate the FABweb transfer.
  • Once the property manager of the receiving department has accepted the FABweb transfer, TSC or LSST will deliver and set up the machine following established procedures.

Business Objects R3.1 Upgrade 9/30-10/2

Listed below is the time table for releasing Business Objects 3.1. If you have any questions fill free to contact me.


From: [] On Behalf Of DS Communications
Sent: Monday, September 19, 2011 5:21 PM
To: ‘’
Subject: Reminder: Business Objects R3.1 Upgrade 9/30-10/2

AITS will upgrade to Business Objects XI R3.1 during the weekend of September 30 – October 2, 2011.

No action is required by users to prepare for this upgrade. Those with access to the Desktop Intelligence client software will need to install a new version of the software on or after October 3. EDDIE users will not need to do anything before or after the upgrade.

More information about the Business Objects XI R3.1 upgrade is provided on the Decision Support Technical Upgrades page. This information includes the previous Town Hall Meetings presentation, compatibility information, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), and other beneficial information.

You will receive more information during and following the implementation of Business Objects XI R3.1.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Thank you,

You are receiving this email because you have access to the Data Warehouse. To change your access, contact your USC.

Welcome Apeksha

Apeksha Mallipeddi has been hired as the Information Technology Technical Associate on the Application Development and Database Support Team. Apeksha served as a Programmer Analyst for Reliable Software Resources and as a Programmer Analyst for Fuzen Software. During this time she was exposed to all phases of the software development lifecycle. She earned her Master’s degree in Computer Science from UIS in 2007 and her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University in India in 2006. Her areas of expertise include application development, application troubleshooting, and problem solving.

Apeksha will begin on Monday September 26th. The Information Technology Technical Associate will play an essential role in supporting University wide applications and services.

ITS welcomes Apeksha Mallipeddi to this key position.

Password Reset Issues

Yesterday we had an issue with the password reset page and new employees were unable to claim their netID. Josh Irons brought the issue to my attention and provided me with log files outlining the issue. Josh worked with Brian and Myself to evaluate the script files that are executed at our location. We were able to determine that the issue was located at AITS and we contacted them for support. AITS worked on the Issue throughout the day and was able to fix the problem at approximately 4:30. Josh worked with AITS throughout the afternoon testing modifications made by AITS and reporting status to them.

Thomas W Sidener
Assistant Director
Software Applications & Database Support
Information Technology Services
University of Illinois at Springfield
HSB 115

“Making friends isn’t easy, when you’re a Drow.” — Drizzt Do’Urden

Voice Line Issues

Update: 09-20-2011 3:20 pm

Jamie has confirmed that the failed PRI voice line has been repaired.

Update: 09-20-2011 9:10 am

The ATT Tech contacted us yesterday and stated that the T-1 line that carries the D-channels for voice lines was down.  He did not give a time for repair.  We will be following up with them this later this morning.

Update: 9/19/2011 11:30 am

Jamie placed a trouble ticket with ATT new automated ticketing system.  The system gave him an estimated repair time of 11:43 am today.  They will need to dispatch and he’ll help the tech when he/she arrives.

UPDATE: 9/16/2011 14:00 pm

We have contacted ATT technical support for additional assistance. Current simultaneous call volume is peaking at around 30, so we still don’t expect this to have a noticeable impact.

One of the 5 trunk lines that carry voice communications in and out of the campus is in an alarm state. This reduces our maximum simultaneous call capacity by 24, or about 20% of the total. With current call volumes, we do not believe this will have any noticeable impact to the user community.

Kevin is currently investigating further.

(originally posted 9/16/2011 @ 11:40 am)

HSB 132 Conference Room

The HSB 132 Conference Room mailbox was upgraded to a new Exchange 2010 room mailbox.

If you have any scheduled meetings that were assigned to that room, please update them to use the new room mailbox, as the old mailbox is no longer valid.

The Exchange 2010 room mailboxes are a new type of mailbox that were not previously available. These types allow you to provide more information about the conference room’s properties, such as: it’s capacity, does it have a TV? a whiteboard? A/V capability?, Etc. it will allow users to find an available room that meets their specific needs when scheduling meetings.

There are also a new mailbox type called “Equipment Mailboxes” that function in the same manner, but can be used for scheduling equipment.

Cellular Repeaters BRK and HSB

I have reset both the cell repeaters, this seems to have helped the signal strength in BRK level 1.
We are planning to reset them on or near the 1st of each month and then again about the 15th to prevent low signal. We are also looking into a timer that will cycle the power for the units automatically.

If you notice weak signal strength in either location please let the helpdesk know and we’ll check on the repeater.


Jamie Voyles
HSB 119
217 206-7840