Bill Cox is Moving to the Technology Support Center

I’m pleased to announce that, effective today, Bill Cox is migrating from the ISAT team over to the Helpdesk team. Bill will be primarily focusing on supporting hardware installations and repairs, including desktops, notebooks and various flavors of Apple OS X machines. Bill will be learning the in’s and out’s of supporting the UIS computing customers from Allan Young in preparation for Allan’s retirement in February. And, of course, Bill will be helping out on the front lines of customer support as well as tackling related Helpdesk support needs.

For those who may not be familiar with his background, Bill has a rich history in supporting IT systems in higher education environments, including at Lake Land College, Lincoln Land Community College and right here at UIS. Bill has a bachelors degree in liberal studies and is currently pursuing a Masters in Management Information Systems. With his education and experience, Bill is a valued asset wherever he goes, and we’re especially grateful to have him joining us.

Please take a moment to congratulate Bill next time you see him.

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