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eDocs Scheduled Maintenance

December 28-29, 2011: eDocs (

eDocs will be unavailable on Wednesday and Thursday, December 28-29, 2011. This is scheduled maintenance for server and database upgrades.

The impact of this maintenance will be increased performance of eDocs, room for growth, and improved performance on iOS devices.

Lync 2010 Mobile Clients

Lync 2010 mobile clients have been released to the Windows Mobile, iPhone/iPad and Android app stores. They have not all been made available for download yet as they are still undergoing the application approval process in each app store.

The mobile clients require a Lync server update, which we will implement tonight.

Process for Requesting New Servers

If you have a need for a new server (either physical or virtual), please use the server request form on eDocs at Services Team/System Support/Servers/New Server Information Worksheet.xlsx, fill it out as completely as possible, then send it to so we can better track the various requests.

If you have any questions, please let me know.



Lync External Access

The Lync communications server is now configured with external access. This means you can connect with the Lync client from anywhere including home and take advantage of features such as presence, instant message, audio/video calls, and web conferencing including sharing the desktop, PowerPoint, whiteboard and polling.

In Outlook you can do New Online Meeting and share that link with outside users. Folks outside the UIS campus can connect to a group conversation through a link both as guest and by signing in remotely with the Lync client, Lync attendee or the Lync Web application.
Also, we can now federate with other institutions that have deployed Lync. Federating allows users from two institutions to communicate with each other using Lync.

The ISAT team is working on developing documentation for all the features of the Lync system. Many thanks to Kevin Zepp, Clay Bellot, Brian Truter and Scott Nafziger for their work on the setup of Lync external access.

Campus Announcement Issue

There is some problem with Campus Announcements. If you click on a link in the mail, the link is broken.

So far we have identified some of the messages in the Campus Announcement public folder are missing, which would explain the broken links. The strange thing is that links for the items that do still exist in the folder do not work either.

We are investigating the problem.



Update: The problem seems to have resolved itself. We will see if Campus Announcements functions as it should in the morning.

WUIS bld Switch

Thursday morning we will be connecting the last switch in the building to the UPS in the data switch room.
The down time will only be as long as it takes the switch to restart. I have let the Radio station WUIS know.

Jamie Voyles
HSB 119
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