Monthly Archives: February 2012

ePolicy Orchestrator Agent Push

On Wednesday, February 15, 2012, at 10AM, I will be expanding the scope of managed systems on the “updated” ePolicy Orchestrator server (UISEPO1) to include the workstations used by ITS staff. In order to achieve this, a new McAfee agent will be pushed to these machines enabling this new server to monitor the antivirus software. This change should not be noticeable nor require a system reboot; however, if you do notice anything and feel that it is related to this update, please contact me immediately.

Thank you,

Guinea Pigs Needed for Lync!

Well, not actual guinea pigs.  But I’m hoping I can get some folks to help us troubleshoot an issue with Microsoft Lync.  We have a few classes using Lync this semester to hold online class sessions.  Students connect from home by installing Lync Attendee (which is free).

For most students, this has been a successful experience. However, I have a handful of students who are unable to use Lync Attendee from home and we’re having trouble pinpointing the problem.

This is where you come in.  If you are willing, please install Lync Attendee on your home PC (Windows only, no Macs).  Then click this test meeting link.  You should be prompted to join as a Guest.  (Please do not use corporate credentials to log in – students don’t have these.)

If it works, you’ll be connected to the meeting.  If it doesn’t work (which is what I’m hoping will happen to at least one of you!), you’ll get a message that the server is unavailable/cannot connect to the server.  You’ll be offered the option to use the Web App (which works, but offers no audio so isn’t sufficient for course purposes).

For those willing to help out, please send me an email and let me know what happens when you try it!

ITS Email Template

In an effort to make ITS-related news/updates easily recognized and identifiable, an email template is now available in the ITS Staff Docs folder on eDocs.  Simply open the ITSNotifications.oft file.  It will open as a message in Outlook.  Fill in your content (including a Subject, To, and From).  Please do NOT copy/paste content directly from Word as it messes with the preset formatting (and the consistent look we are trying to maintain!).

Thanks to Jeff for creating it.  Let me know if you have any trouble!

Anixter Data Center Healthcheck

Early last year when we were having repeated issues with high temperature levels in the HSB data center, Anixter representatives offered to send out a technician who would evaluate our data center and offer some recommendations for improvement. Unfortunately, it took many months of scheduling work to find a time when they could come out. In the interim, Jamie, Kevin, Brian, Scott and Clay worked to make any low-cost improvements they could. Some of the things they did included:

  • redirecting cold air flow under the raised floor,
  • relocating perforated floor tiles to the front of the cabinets,
  • replacing some glass or solid panel doors with perforated panels,
  • inserting blanking panels in some racks, and
  • powering down equipment that was no longer in active service

When the Anixter expert finally did make it out last December, the concern level had fallen from near-crisis mode to something much closer to normal. Anixter’s Don Doberstein arrived on campus, bringing an infrared camera and years of experience evaluating data centers of all sizes. He took pictures of our data cabinet front and back to see where we could improve our cooling process. He also noted that the changes Jamie and crew had made were already helping a lot.

Last week, Don provided us with his final report which is available for everyone to view on eDocs here. In summary, the report says that we should continue the work we’ve begun by improving cold air flow to the front of the cabinets, channeling all hot air away from the cabinet fronts and into the air return system, and removing obstacles to airflow.

My thanks to everyone whose work notably improved the data center cooling and took us out of crisis mode.