Upcoming Box.com Changes for UIS Participants

Good morning,

Thank you for participating in the Box pilot program. We are approaching our open enrollment dates for the rest of campus and I wanted to provide you with an update. The contract for Box should be routed for signatures soon which will allow us to increase our accounts to 99,999 accounts and 200TB of storage. Box has provided us with 1000 pilot accounts and we are currently using around 700. When we open enrollment to the rest of the university, all pilot participants will keep their Sync functionality and will be able to log in using their campus AD authentication instead of Box credentials. All faculty and staff will receive 15GB of storage while students will receive 5GB. Accounts will be adjusted for the pilot users who were very early adopters to reflect the new storage amounts. We decided to do a slow enrollment to the rest of the University of Illinois and are targeting end of June/July.

Upcoming Changes:

On the morning of June 12th at 10:00am, the Box service will be transitioned from Box authentication to the University of Illinois Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication service. After the transition, those with Box accounts will no longer use their Box password for login, but will instead use their campus NetID and password. For those that have already logged in to the Sync application and to mobile apps, you will not see a change until you log out. When trying to log in, re-authenticate using the “Use my company’s single sign-on credentials” link.

The new SSO configuration includes a campus Discovery Service (DS) that will allow users from all three campuses to log into the same U of I Box service. During the login workflow, users will be presented with a list of the three U of I campus, and will be asked to choose their campus affiliation before completing the login. The SSO login process will be similar for both the Box web application, and also for accessing Box through mobile apps or Box desktop sync.

After a user logs into Box, their SSO session will also be active for other Shibboleth authenticated services, like Google Apps. Thus, for example, a UIUC student with both a Box and Google Apps account will only need to complete a single login in order to gain access to both services.

Additional how to documents for authentications with mobile applications will be provided on the website.

If you have any questions, please contact Mike Corn (mcorn@illinois.edu) or Christina Vann (cvann@uillinois.edu) or visit our project site: http://web.uillinois.edu/box.

Christina Vann
Portfolio and Process Management Office (PPMO)
Office of the Executive CIO | University of Illinois
cvann@uillinois.edu | (217) 333-2195

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