Shibbolized Box

We have switched over to SSO authentication service for the University of Illinois Box Enterprise instance.  if you have a Box account please test and report back your results with a comment.

8 thoughts on “Shibbolized Box

  1. Kara McElwrath

    I was able to log in with no problems, all my data transferred over, and I now have 15 GB of space. However, I was NOT able to log in on my iPad and Jeff was NOT able to log in on his Android phone.

  2. tllos1 Post author

    For mobile clients try this: Click on the Log In tab. Then click on “More login options” Ping icon. Enter your account and hit continue. Select the UIS Campus IDP. Login with your netid and password.

    1. Brian

      I could log in the web just fine, but it doesn’t not have “More login options” on Android. It has an option to “Log in with SSO”, but that did not work for me either.

      1. Brian

        Update! It does work for Android, “Log in with SSO” and enter your full email address, and it will take you to the screen where you select which campus you are on.

        1. Brian

          The campus select page cannot be re-sized or scrolled, so it is difficult to navigate, just a FYI. After I completed this, and logged in, it kicked me back to the login page, and i had a little “waiting” indicator. Then my folders appeared. It just took a few seconds.

  3. tllos1 Post author

    In order to login from the Box mobile clients you have to use the UIS email ( ) on their first SSO page. The Box SP does a lookup on the domain that comes after the @ to locate and redirect the user to the Illinois Discovery service. After you select our campus IDP, you login with the UIS netid and password.

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