Monthly Archives: June 2012

EQ SAN Maintenance This Thursday Morning, June 7th

UPDATE: June 7, 7:10 am

The firmware update has been completed. We did not see any services disrupted by this process, which makes today a good day. 🙂

During this week’s scheduled maintenance window we will be performing a required upgrade of the firmware on the 4 Equallogic SAN units in the HSB datacenter. This process should be non-disruptive; no services should be negatively impacted. However, just to be safe, we’ll perform this update during the maintenance window. If all goes as planned with no disruptions, future updates will be performed during normal business hours.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


AT&T Outage

Users on the AT&T network cannot access UIS resources (,, etc).  This outage seems to affect both LAN lines and Mobile networks and is a problem on their end (nothing we can do).

Lync Online Meetings Not Working

Some Lync online meetings are not working. Multiple attempts to connect to UIUC-sourced meeting are failing with the following error:

“An error occurred during the online meeting.”

Tests of UIS-sourced online meetings with internal users have been successful. Further investigation continues.