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Switch upgrade

We are planning to install the new supervisor blade in the main NOC switch, Thursday Aug 2, during the maintenance window. This switch is the primary routing switch on campus, everything runs through it. The secondary switch was upgraded last week and will take over when the NOC is powered down and reconfigured. The change over to the secondary switch may take up to 45 seconds. Most services will be affected, this should be a good opportunity verify that our fail over configurations work correctly.

Jamie, Kevin and Scott

UISAD Domain Controller

I will be decommissioning the domain controllers “UISCORE1” and “UISDC1” next week. These are the last remaining Windows 2003 domain controllers. New domain controllers will be created to take their place.

Please be sure no applications or systems are referencing these domain controllers directly. All apps should be pointed ideally at “”, or if necessary “”.

If you discover more time is needed before these servers are decommissioned, please let me know!

Brian Truter
Systems Administrator
Information Technology Services
University of Illinois – Springfield
(217) 206-8450 – HSB 116

Switch Upgrade

During the Maintenance window Thursday July 26, we will be replacing the Supervisor Blade in the Backup (secondary) routing switch in the basement of UHB. Only secondary or back up system are connected to this switch. There should be NO end user affect.

Jamie Voyles
HSB 119
217 206-7840

Phone Update

Issue with the ISDN PRI trunks is resolved.
The issue was a route configuration in the new Cisco 2921 router. It took time and lots of different people looking before it was found.
The phones should work properly on any of the 5 trunks. If we get any report of issues after 2:00 today we will need to investigate.

Jamie Voyles
HSB 119
217 206-7840

Update on phones

I have been on the phone with Cisco TAC for almost 3 hours and we still don’t have a solution. The router configuration appears to be good and when they sniff the traffic leaving the router the packets the router says it is sending are not leaving the router. We have upgraded the router IOS to the latest version and that didn’t help we are next going to downgrade to an earlier version and see what that does.

Welcome, Lauri

Lauri Cunningham will join the ITS Application Development and Database Support team as an Information Technology Technical Associate on Monday July 23. Lauri, who has worked with technology applications in higher education for more than nine years, will provide training and technical assistance to UIS users of the enterprise student systems and will create and maintain reports from the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) and Banner Student systems for the campus. 

She formerly worked for the UIS Admissions and Records Office and was responsible for the DARS degree audit reporting system process.  Lauri brings an important set of skills and experiences to ITS, and we are very excited to have Lauri as a resource and colleague.

Please stop by Lauri’s office in HSB 104 next week to welcome her to ITS.

Voice Trunk Failure

UPDATE: 07-Jul 19, 2012 @ 18:15
We have implemented a temporary work-around while Cisco and AT&T technicians get their act together. The work-around results in all inbound and outbound calls working normally, including calls to 911. However, our total simultaneous call capacity is about 50% of normal. That should hold us through till tomorrow morning when we hope that the outside technical support people can work together on this.

UPDATE: 07-Jul 19, 2012 @ 12:00
Kevin and Jamie continue to work with AT&T support as well as Cisco support to get the issues resolved. We think we’re getting closer, but no new ETAs at this point.


UPDATE: 07-Jul 18, 2012 @ 16:00
Cisco technical support people have just completed their review of the configuration and log output of the new equipment and have told us that everything looks normal. Their recommendation to us is to contact the telco (AT&T) and ensure that their line settings match our switch settings. It is important to note that due to the extreme age of the failed system, the same configuration cannot be copied directly over to the replacement switches as the new hardware is more advanced and not fully backwards compatible with the very old version we have been using.

Calls to 911 are also affected by this issue. Outbound calls to 911 do ring the Sangamon County dispatch, but voice is not present. Other information embedded in the call does let them know the location the call came from, and the dispatch center will contact the campus police department for any calls they receive with this information. Campus police are also aware of the issue.

We are working on contacting AT&T technical support now.

Last night one of our old Cisco 6503 voice trunks failed. This cut down on the number of calls we can place in or out. We already have the new hardware in place, I am finishing up moving the voice trunks over. The ticket office is also experiencing strange issues.


(Jul 18, 2012 @ 10:00)