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BSB Switch Sup Blade Replacement

BSB Network Switch Blade Replacement

WHO: This will affected BSB only
Computers and phones in BSB will not function during the blade swap.
We are working with health services to provide phone service during the short outage.

The Supervisor Blade in the building switch has faulty memory and needs to be replaced. We don’t want to wait for an emergency failure to occur again to replace the blade. So we are planning to replace the Supervisor Blade at noon today (Friday Nov 28).

I will post when we are back up.

Jamie Voyles
HSB 119
217 206-7840

HSB 127 Data Center Refrigerant spill

HSB Data Center Room 127
We had an unexpected leak of refrigerant from one of the air conditioning units mounted in the ceiling. A pressure release valve that is supposed to let air bleed out of the lines stuck open and emptied refrigerant onto the floor and under the floor in HSB 127 this morning. The stationary engineers and building service staff have cleaned the mess and none of the servers in the room were affected. We are however now running with the old air conditioning unit and one of the newer overhead units. There is a sign on the door to use the helpdesk entrance because the floor is still a little slick.

Jamie Voyles
HSB 119
217 206-7840

VSphere ESX Host Upgrade

Over the next week or so, the Network Services team will be upgrading the existing VSphere 4.1.x ESX hosts supporting virtual servers to VSphere ESX version 5. This upgrade will solve some compatibility issues we’re facing as we continue to virtualize existing physical servers. The upgrade should not negatively affect existing virtual machines or the services hosted on them and, therefore, will be done during normal business hours. The ESX hosts supporting the VDI environment will not be upgraded at this time, so there should be no impact to the virtual desktop systems either.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


UIS & UIC Microsoft Exchange 2010 Federation

Brian and Scott are working with the Exchange 2010 specialists at UIC to try and get the two sites’ Exchange systems federated via the Microsoft Federation Gateway. This federation will make it possible for each site to view the users’ free/busy status and global address list of the other. Since there is no test Exchange environment to do this with, we are making the changes on our production systems. We are limiting the participants to just ITS staff at this point in time. After we’re confident that the system is working correctly and is stable, we’ll extend the capability to the rest of the UIS Exchange 2010 users. So if you begin seeing UIC addresses and view some UIC users’ free/busy info, that’s what’s going on.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Blackboard front page not displaying correctly

The Blackboard front page is currently not displaying correctly. Blackboard, however, still functions correctly.  This issue is only on the front page. After you log in to Blackboard, it looks and works normally.

The Blackboard front page is an https resource which utilizes a stylesheet file from the server. It’s certificate expired this past Saturday.  We have submitted a certificate signing request and when we receive the certificate this will no longer be an issue.

Kuddos to Chris Mueller

Thank you Angela for that nice note. I agree we have decided to keep him. 🙂 Seriously, Chris is an excellent example of what dedicated customer service can do for an organization and I am well pleased with his work ethic and attention to the needs of our customers.


From: Maranville, Angela
Sent: Tuesday, September 18, 2012 5:27 PM
To: Mueller, Christopher Lee
Cc: Rotroff, Todd W
Subject: Thanks!

Hi Chris,

I wanted to thank you and your team for the great job you did on Carole Rahn’s computer. I truly appreciate the effort you made to save her C drive and the years of data that she had accumulated there. Thanks again.

Angela Maranville
Information Technology Technical Associate
LIB 240, MS BRK-140
University of Illinois at Springfield
Springfield IL, 62703-5407

Exchange Backend Changes

We have reached the point where our current Exchange transaction log management routines are causing more harm than good. The transactions are filling up faster than they can be pruned. In order to avoid a potential failure of the entire Exchange system, we are going to implement the Microsoft-recommended continuous replication circular logging feature that will eliminate this from being an issue any longer. This will also help us meet our recovery time objectives better than the current configuration.

In order to do make this change, each Exchange database will need to be temporarily taken offline for a few minutes. We currently are operating about 30 databases. Each one will need in sequence, will need this shutdown performed. We are planning to do this work during the upcoming maintenance window (Thursday, September 13th). During that window, users can expect intermittent connectivity to the Exchange system. All work should be completed by 7:00 AM.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.