Exchange Backend Changes

We have reached the point where our current Exchange transaction log management routines are causing more harm than good. The transactions are filling up faster than they can be pruned. In order to avoid a potential failure of the entire Exchange system, we are going to implement the Microsoft-recommended continuous replication circular logging feature that will eliminate this from being an issue any longer. This will also help us meet our recovery time objectives better than the current configuration.

In order to do make this change, each Exchange database will need to be temporarily taken offline for a few minutes. We currently are operating about 30 databases. Each one will need in sequence, will need this shutdown performed. We are planning to do this work during the upcoming maintenance window (Thursday, September 13th). During that window, users can expect intermittent connectivity to the Exchange system. All work should be completed by 7:00 AM.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.



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