Monthly Archives: March 2013

Brooken’s Air Handler

The air handler for 1st floor Brookens Library is in the process of being shut down for coil cleaning. It is scheduled to be turned back on around noon. There may be some noticeable fragrances in the air, but please let me know if you experience any problems.

Thank you,


Katy Owen
Office Administrator
Information Technology Services
BRK 180
217 206-6555

Update: Network Issues

Update: 2:35pm –

We believe we have resolved the issue causing the network problems. Please report any issues you may still encounter.


We are aware of the network failures occurring while trying to access off-campus resources. ITS is currently troubleshooting the issue with extreme prejudice!

Brian Truter
Systems Administrator (ITTA)
Information Technology Services
University of Illinois – Springfield
(217) 206-8450 – HSB 116

Memory Upgrade

The VMware production hosts will have new memory added on Friday, March 15, 2013. The active VM’s will be migrated off the host that is is being worked on using vMotion. Once the host is brought back online, the VM’s will be migrated in a round-robin fashion while each of the other hosts are being upgraded. There should be little if any impact on the active VM’s during this process.

VLAN 103 Cleanup (Part 1)

Tomorrow March 14, 2013,  the virtual servers that are in the 103VLAN will be migrated to the new 2012VLAN which is where future Edtech-based servers will be placed. The servers that will be down during this configuration change are:


This will be done during the maintenance window and should have little impact to the services running on these servers.