Monthly Archives: June 2013

Webmail Issues

Webmail has been moved to the Netscalar load balancer. At this point it is just a matter of the time it takes for the DNS change to propagate out to all machines. On campus, this should be very quick, but off-campus different ISPs seem to be taking longer than others.


Please check that you can access mail via webmail, Outlook, mobile devices, etc. on and off-campus if possible. Report any issues to the helpdesk.




Brian Truter
Systems Administrator (ITTA)
Information Technology Services
University of Illinois – Springfield
(217) 206-8450 – HSB 116


Mail Changes – Tuesday, June 25

Tomorrow 6/25/13 we plan to move the Exchange Client Access Servers from the Kemp load balancers to the Netscaler load balancers at approx. 8am.

There should be no disruption to users, but it’s possible that some user computers will not pick up the DNS change as quickly as others.

In the case that happens, we can handle those case by case by flushing the machines DNS cache.