Switch Virtualization tonight

The Network team will be reconfiguring the two core switches to vitalize them (act as one switch)

The advantages are

                Increased bandwidth

                Greater redundancy

                Wireless high availability


There will be an impact on campus as we move through the steps most significantly, the wireless will be down while we reconfigure the switch in HSB.  Optimistically this should be less than 30 minutes others services should continue functioning through the secondary switch in UHB.  Once the configurations are complete on the HSB switch we will shut down the UHB switch and reconfigure it, this should have no impact on the wireless.  When both switches have been reconfigured we will run the VSS (virtualization command).


The plan is to start at 6:30p and to be finished by 9:00p


If need arises to revert to the previous configurations on the two switches those configs are available and can be reloaded.


Please let me know if there is some reason we should not proceed.




Jamie Voyles

HSB 119

217 206-7840


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