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Reminder of ICCN work 5-7 tomorrow morning

Both of the UIS ICCN nodes will be worked on Saturday Sept 21 (5 to 7 am)


First in Node 2 (UHB basement) the switch will be completely replaced.

Then in Node 1 (HSB) a Module on the switch will be replaced.


ITS does not anticipate any interruptions of services to the campus however

Please monitor your services and let ITS know if there are any disruptions.


Thanks for your help.



Jamie Voyles

HSB 119

217 206-7840


FW: ICCN work on the UIS campus on 9/21

This is a continuation of work begun in August to replace ICCN switches and upgrade the UIS connections to the ICCN. Shellie, Greg and Brandon please note that one of the nodes in Urbana, routers (ur2rtr) is also being upgraded and will cause a VLL outage during this time frame. —–Original Message—– From: Brown, Aaron L [] Sent: Wednesday, September 18, 2013 10:33 PM To: Voyles, Jamie N; Zepp, Kevin Cc: pawinan@ILSTU.EDU; Kollross, Matt; Skaar, Chris Subject: ICCN work on the UIS campus on 9/21 Hi Jamie, I wanted to confirm that we’re okay to be on the UIS campus this Saturday to perform more ICCN upgrades. Phil and Matt will be on the UIS campus Saturday morning around 5:00am to bring the new sp2rtr online. In addition to needing in University Hall one of the guys will need in the Data Center at HSB and in the Telecom room at Brookens to move to the new fiber I tested a few weeks ago. Once the work is complete they will need to get back in the HSB DC to replace a module in the sp1rtr router. Once the new connections are up and stable we’ll return the fiber used for the original connections. Should they use the same procedures as last time to gain entrance to the spaces? At the same time the sp2rtr is being replaced the ur2rtr router on the Urbana campus will also be replaced. The impact of the ur2rtr being down is that VLL between UIS and PPSB will be down. Thanks, Aaron Sent from my iPad On Jul 31, 2013, at 1:34 PM, “Barkin-Wilkins, Benjamin” <> wrote: > Hi Jamie and Kevin, > > My name is Ben Barkin-Wilkins and I work with Aaron and Chris at UIUC. > I just wanted to let you guys know that three people from our ICCN > team (myself, Matt, and Phil) would like to come up to UIS on Friday > to rack the gear that we will be installing on Saturday morning. > > Our plan was to contact DPS to have them let us into the necessary > rooms and buildings so that any problems we may have with that > procedure can get ironed out before Saturday. Swipe card access to > the datacenter was one thing in particular we were worried about. Do > you guys happen to know if DPS has access into the datacenter? > > If you guys have any reservations about us coming up on Friday, please > let us know. > > Thanks! > Ben > > — > Benjamin Barkin-Wilkins > Network Engineering > University of Illinois Urbana Champaign > 217-244-0273 > > > > > On 7/29/13 3:01 PM, “Brown, Aaron L” < > wrote: > >> Kevin, >> >> Here’s the list of staff who will be working on 8/3 and 8/11. We will >> start working around 5:00 each day. >> >> Aaron Brown >> Ben Barkin-Wilkins >> Phil Winsns >> Nick Buraglio >> Matt Kollross >> >> We won’t all be there each of the days. Just a team of three each day. >> >> Thanks, >> >> Aaron >> >> >> >> >> >> Sent from my iPhone >

UISappsrvprod1 & 2 will now boot on a regular basis during mtce window.

I’m going to schedule a job that bounces the app servers (UISappsrvprod1 and UISappsrvprod2) – on Thursday mornings (to help address an issue that arose recently with a hung trust).

Since its expected that servers will be bounced during this window – i.e. the regularly scheduled mtce window, a SICM is not needed (just the notification).