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Mailbox Server Updates

Windows Updates on Exchange 2010 mailbox servers will begin very shortly. Rolling reboots will occur throughout the day as we patch and restart each server. Users using Outlook in cached mode, or users should be unaffected by the reboots. Outlook users in live mode may see a temporary disconnection (a few seconds) from their mailbox when the server fails over.





DC03 addition

Brian is going to add UISDC03 as a new domain controller again. The box is built we will just be promoting it to a DC and if all goes like it should it will be replicating with all the other domain controllers. Its IP and name will be the same as the old UISDC03

Spring Break Plans

Systems Support will be performing a number of maintenance tasks over Spring Break. Here is the agenda as it currently stands (will update the post for any changes)-


                Promote UISDC03 ( to a domain controller/DNS server.


                Configure new Exchange Unified Messaging server UISUMS01 to replace the current aging server UISUMS1.


                Updates on the VMWare ESX hosts, some networking changes to the vMotion network, install OpenManage on ESX hosts.

                Exchange mailbox servers will have Windows Updates applied. Rolling reboots will occur throughout the day as we move from server to server.

Brian Truter
Systems Administrator (ITTA)
Information Technology Services
University of Illinois – Springfield
(217) 206-8450 – HSB 116

Secondary Fiber Paths

Monday morning March 17, 2014 at 7:30 am we will be activating the second (redundant) fiber path for two of the Brookens data switches. 

The users should not notice that this was done.  If network connectivity is an issue please contact the help desk 206-6000.  The undo is very simple.

We have notified several individuals who were impacted back in December when we tried this the first time.


Jamie Voyles

HSB 119

217 206-7840