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Veronica Espina

Veronica Espina has accepted a position with the State of Illinois.  Her last day working for ITS will be April 13, 2012.

Veronica has worked for ITS for almost 2 years and was a member of the UIS community as a student and then faculty member for many years prior to joining ITS.  Since starting with ITS,  Veronica has been the student supervisor and evening Media Lab supervisor.

We wish Veronica Good Luck! as she moves into her new career with the State.


The Pharos print server is down. The server service had stopped earlier today and in an attempt to get it to restart, I restarted the Pharos server. However, the server did not restart and now won’t restart. I contacted Curtisand he is going to look at it when he gets off the road. Pam R.

UHB Lights

There seems to be a problem with the lights on the second floor of UHB, maybe other classrooms as well. The lights are not responding to the controls on the walls and are not activating by motion. I have reported the problem to the electricians and they are working to solve it.
Pam R.

UHB Computer problems

We are experiencing problems at the south end of UHB and I’m wondering if it could be network related.
IE is SO slow, some machines aren’t getting correct IP (10.103.) addresses and imaging (which seems to correct the IE problem, maybe) is taking Forever…..(an image of one machine almost an hour, 2 machines over two hours and 5 machines almost 2 hours – although none of these are done, yet).
The problem with IE apparently started over the weekend. But, we had problems with that and connecting to the domain in UHB2030 today. This is a mix of windows 7 and XP machines, and two different hardware combinations (GX760s are win7 and GX270s are XP).