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Servers Down

We are currently have a SAN issue and it is effecting some of our servers. The following ones are not currently working. EDOCS, Helix, Otel, UISDATA, Fusion, Titanuim, Innocence, DOlist, FreeRad, Moodle, Helpdesk, WSUS, Limbo, Print2, WebSRV5, development servers, etc


This is back up!

VCenter Upgrade

Update: Vcenter is back functioning but I was not able to update it to the newest c patch so we went back.

I will be upgrading Vcenter  today so you will not be able to login to Vcenter until it is complete. You can still remote into the individual servers.

Thank you,


Updated: VMWare SQL Maintenance

Updated- This is complete

I will be re-indexing the DB on the VMware SQL server tomorrow(Friday) at about 9:00am. There are no problems anticipated. However, here are some possibilities, if you use the VSphere Client you may notice some  slowness. We also may have some slowness with the VDI environment.