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Post regarding scheduled maintenance issues.

Exchange Updates – 1/29/15

Update 3:15PM – All updates are completed.

We will be doing Exchange updates today beginning at 9AM. There will be rolling reboots on all mail servers. Users may notice a momentary disconnection while their mailbox activates on a different server. No outages are expected.

Brian Truter
Systems Administrator (ITTA)
Information Technology Services
University of Illinois – Springfield
(217) 206-8450 – HSB 116



Exchange Updates (Complete)

UPDATE 12:50 PM – All updates have been completed

We will be installing Update Rollup 6 on our Exchange servers this morning. Rolling reboots will occur. All mail services will continue to operate, but there may be momentary disconnect/reconnect occurrences as mailboxes fail over to other servers.

Brian Truter
Systems Administrator (ITTA)
Information Technology Services
University of Illinois – Springfield
(217) 206-8450 – HSB 116

Active Directory Update

As announced in a previous change management request:

This morning at 9:30am we will be raising the UIS Active Directory forest from the 2003 functional level to the 2008 R2 functional level.

For the curious, information on the different functional levels can be obtained here:

Helpdesk Manager Update

Helpdesk Manager Todd Rotroff is currently on FMLA leave. The responsibilities of the Helpdesk Manager have been assigned to Bill Cox, ITTA, until a permanent Helpdesk Manager can be hired.

Bill has several years of supervisory experience and has a working knowledge of the Desktop Refresh Program. Additionally, Bill has expertise in both computer set up and imaging, as well as demonstrated customer service skills.

We appreciate Bill’s willingness to assume additional responsibilities during this time of transition for the Helpdesk.

Domain Controller Decomissioning

Update: 08-Aug 10, 2012 @ 17:45
The replacement of the failing Windows 2003 server with a new Windows 2008 completed successfully and most dependent systems are working normally. However, we discovered some compatibility issues with AITS systems that perform Kerberos authentication against our Windows domain controllers. Brian and Tulio are working with AITS to find a permanent resolution.


We will be re-attempting the replacement of uisdc1 today at approximately 11:15 am. There may be a brief period of time (5-15 minutes) where people logging into Contribute and the portal may experience intermittent problems. Those who are already logged in will not be affected.

As announced last week, uisdc1 and uiscore1, the last Windows 2003 Domain Controllers, are going to be decommissioned this week.

Today during the lunch hour we plan to shut these servers down in preparation for this process. Please report any issues to the Systems Support team as soon as possible.

Brian Truter
Systems Administrator
Information Technology Services
University of Illinois – Springfield
(217) 206-8450 – HSB 116

Citrix Upgrade

This morning we plan to upgrade the Citrix VDI environment to XenDesktop 4.6 Feature Pack 1  (

Some of the new features include:

Optimization Pack for Microsoft Lync 2010

Mobility Pack for VDI

During the upgrade we expect minimal impact on user experience.

EQ SAN Maintenance This Thursday Morning, June 7th

UPDATE: June 7, 7:10 am

The firmware update has been completed. We did not see any services disrupted by this process, which makes today a good day. 🙂

During this week’s scheduled maintenance window we will be performing a required upgrade of the firmware on the 4 Equallogic SAN units in the HSB datacenter. This process should be non-disruptive; no services should be negatively impacted. However, just to be safe, we’ll perform this update during the maintenance window. If all goes as planned with no disruptions, future updates will be performed during normal business hours.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


eDocs Scheduled Maintenance

December 28-29, 2011: eDocs (

eDocs will be unavailable on Wednesday and Thursday, December 28-29, 2011. This is scheduled maintenance for server and database upgrades.

The impact of this maintenance will be increased performance of eDocs, room for growth, and improved performance on iOS devices.

Lync 2010 Mobile Clients

Lync 2010 mobile clients have been released to the Windows Mobile, iPhone/iPad and Android app stores. They have not all been made available for download yet as they are still undergoing the application approval process in each app store.

The mobile clients require a Lync server update, which we will implement tonight.