Identifying Strategies for Revitalizing Legacy Online Programs: Overcoming Barriers to Innovation

Members of the UIS community will be leading a discussion entitled “Identifying Strategies for Revitalizing Legacy Online Programs: Overcoming Barriers to Innovation” at the Online Learning Consortium (OLC) Innovate Conference on Thursday, April 6, 2017 in New Orleans, LA.  Presenters include Laurel Newman, Carolee Rigsbee, Carol Jessup, Donna Rogers Skowronski, Michele Gribbins, and Emily Boles.

The discussion will include the challenges faced when introducing innovations designed to strengthen the quality of an online degree completion program with a 10-year record of relative success.  Barriers to innovation of legacy programs and potential solutions for overcoming these barriers will be explored.  More information about the presentation can be found at the OLC Innovation Conference website.

Listing of Educational & Educational Technology Conferences

Clayton R. Wright has distributed the 36th edition of the list of Educational Technology and Education Conferences for November 2016-June 2017. To subscribe to the twice-yearly listing (November and May), send an e-mail to crwr77[@]

Listing of Educational & Educational Technology Conferences

Clayton R. Wright has distributed the 35th edition of the list of Educational Technology and Education Conferences for June-December 2016. To subscribe to the twice-yearly listing (November and May), send an e-mail to crwr77[@]

New Publications by EDL Faculty

Research on the pedagogies used in Massive Open Online Courses completed by Education Leadership faculty members Karen Swan, Scott Day & Len Bogle was presented at two conferences and appeared in a publication.

  • Swan, K., Day, S. & Bogle, L. (2016). Exploring Pedagogies of MOOC’s through Three Metaphors for Learning. In Proceedings of Global Learn 2016 (pp. 311-334). Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE).
  • Swan, K., Day, S. & Bogle, L. (2016). “Metaphors for Learning and MOOC Pedagogies” at the Learning at Scale Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • Swan, K, Day, S., & Bogle, L. (2016). “Exploring Pedagogies of MOOC’s through Three Metaphors for Learning“ at the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education Conference in Limerick, Ireland.

Their presentation on the metaphors for learning is available on Prezi.

2016-2018 COLRS Faculty Fellows

Cheng-Chia (Brian) Chen

Chen_Bio_Photo Dr. Chen, Assistant Professor of Public Health, will explore the application of educational technologies in online/blended teaching and learning environments. He will research the use of online debate and its impact on student satisfaction, as well as the effectiveness of gamification in the context of learning and student performance.

Scott Day

scott day
Dr. Day, Professor and Chair of Educational Leadership, will investigate design-based approaches to improving online courses using peer review and analytics, from incremental course changes, developing communities of inquiry in online courses, and pedagogical approaches to massive open online courses.

Kristin Osiecki

kristin osiecki
Dr. Osiecki, Assistant Professor of Public Health, will investigate the use of app-based resources for learning and the impact they have on student performance and interaction. In addition, she plans to develop eText resources for the Introduction to Environmental and Occupational Health Course.

Carolee Rigsbee

RigsbeeDr. Rigsbee, Assistant Professor of Management, will be undergoing the Quality Matters quality assurance process for her online courses in the College of Business and Management. As part of this process, she will quantify the benefits of a Quality Matters assessment for instructors and students. In addition, she will research change management in online teaching and learning to identify potential best practices.

Flipping Organic! With iPads using iTunes U and the ChemWiki

UIS Associate Professor and COLRS Faculty Fellow Layne Morsch recently presented the following poster at the 251st American Chemical Society National Meeting in San Diego, CA.

Description: Organic chemistry classes are highly problem solving oriented and can benefit greatly from active learning. Flipped teaching encourages active learning and has been used successfully for 6 terms at UIS to increase student engagement in organic chemistry. During this session, the adoption of a 1:1 iPad program will be described. An overview of how lecture videos were prepared will be provided along with different methods of delivering this content to the students. These video lectures have allowed greatly increased time to work on interactive activities during the face-to-face component of the course. Students take advantage of several hands-on tools including: iTunesU, the ChemWiki, ChemDraw, Socrative, Notability, iBooks, Explain Everything, Adobe Voice, iMovie, and Chairs (an example of gamified chemistry content). Examples will be included of how these tools can be used creatively before class to encourage student preparation and during class sessions to enhance student participation. How each method encourages depth of understanding of organic chemistry and the impact on student interaction levels will be illustrated. Student attitudes will be reported as well as academic performance on internal exams and standardized exams.

Flipping organic ACS 2016 poster

Listing of Journals in Educational Technology, Instructional Design & Distance Learning

A listing of nearly 270 educational technology, instructional design and distance learning journals can be found online at

Ranking of Educational Technology Journals

If you are interested in a publication outlet for your research, check out Patrick Lowenthal’s compilation of the h5-index of Educational Technology Journals.   The journal having the highest h5-index is Computers & Education, followed by Teaching and Teacher Education and Journal of Educational Psychology.

CFP – Higher Learning Research Communications Journal

Per their website:

Higher Learning Research Communications (HLRC) is an Open Access, peer-reviewed and editorial reviewed scientific journal dedicated to publishing research in Higher Education. The Journal aims to advance knowledge on all aspects concerning teaching and learning in higher education institutions. Through better understanding of institutional policy and actual practice in colleges and universities, it seeks to foster the collaboration of innovative minds and the best of the practice, and offer forward thinking and global thought leadership. A broad coverage calls for international involvement to nurture the global environment in which Higher Education evolves. Innovative approaches for teaching and learning at the college level, as well as policies and best practices, are at the very core of the scope of the Journal.

Authors, researchers and experts in the field of Higher Education from all around the world are invited to submit their original, unpublished contributions. The Journal is published in English, but accepts submissions in other languages. (If submitting in a language other than English, Spanish or Portuguese, please contact the editorial team before submitting a manuscript). These submissions must include an abstract in English and, if accepted, will be published in both the original language and an English translation.

HLRC publishes quarterly (March, June, September, and December) and has established a specific review process in order to ensure the quality of the research and the publication. This process entails a preliminary editorial review, double-blind peer-review, and editorial academic review.

Special themes and submission dates for the upcoming issues can be found at Higher Learning Research Communications Call for Papers .

CFP 11/20 – US Distance Learning Association National Conference (May 10-12, 2016, St. Louis, MO)

Per their website:

The United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA) 2016 National Conference is the premier event for professionals in the distance learning industry. This year’s conference (May 10 – May 12, 2016) promises to deliver an action-packed agenda that will bring together distance learning practitioners from across the country to St. Louis, Missouri.

The format of the event allows attendees to learn about relevant topics from many different points of view. The moderate size makes it possible for attendees to actively participate. This year’s conference will include not only concurrent sessions, but also poster, panel, and collaborative sessions.

The USDLA Call For Proposals is now open!  Please submit your proposal by November 20, 2015 for Program Committee consideration.  Interested in the Conference and want to learn a little more?  Click here for a glance at last year’s Conference Program to see keynote speakers, concurrent sessions and panel discussions!  Please contact Kimberly Airasian at 617.399.1770 or for more information.

Conference Website –