COLRS welcomes the following UIS faculty as Research Fellows for the 2019-2020 academic years:

Jennifer Martin

Dr. Jennifer Martin

Dr. Jennifer Martin, Assistant Professor of Teacher Education, will investigate how to teach what can be considered “unsafe content,” in online environments, e.g., teaching about issues of race, racism, and other forms of oppression impacting education. These are issues that often make students, particularly hegemonic students, uncomfortable, angry, and even resistant. She seeks to study the growth of her students in embracing diversity within online courses/environments, and the technological and pedagogical tools that both increase student engagement toward these goals and reduce student alienation.

Sudeep Sharma

Dr. Sudeep Sharma

Dr. Sudeep Sharma, Assistant Professor of Management, will research the impact that improvement in his online courses design, as determined by the application of the Quality Matters (QM) rubric, has on student learning.  This research is being conducted as part of a larger research team of CBM faculty which includes several former COLRS Faculty Fellows.

Junu Shrestha

Dr. Junu Shrestha

Dr. Junu Shrestha, Assistant Professor of Public Health, will research the use of technologies that provide practical experience to online students in the field of environmental health. She is motivated to enhance online students’ learning by implementing technology to give students practical, on-site experiences in environmental health areas.