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E-Learning Research Report 2017: Analysis of the main topics in research indexed articles

This new report from the eLearn Center, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, provides information about where research efforts in e-learning are being focused, identifying all the subject areas and determining their significance and trends.  Leading the list of most frequently researched topic is Mobile Learning.   The report is available online.

The Qualitative Report Guide to Qualitative Research Journals

The Qualitative Report Guide to Qualitative Research Journals is a valuable resource for anyone wanting to explore the world of professional, scholarly, and academic journals publishing qualitative research. The website, curated by Ronald J. Chenail, includes a listing of journals focusing on qualitative inquiry having discipline- or profession-specific and trans-, cross-, and multidisciplinary missions.

Journal Article: Developing Communication Confidence and Professional Identity in International Online Collaborative Learning

UIS Chemistry Associate Professor & Department Chair Layne Morsch recently co-authored an article in Chemistry Education Research and Practice.  The article “Developing Communication Confidence and Professional Identity in Chemistry through International Online Collaborative Learning”  discusses the impact of an online collaborative assignment between two flipped organic chemistry classrooms, one in Canada and the other in the United States, on learners.  Co-authors are Darlene Skagen, Brett McCollum, and Brandon Shokoples.

Online Learning Efficacy Research Database

Oregon State University has created a searchable, filterable database of online learning efficacy research.  It includes academic studies on the learning outcomes of online and or hybrid education in comparison to face-to-face environments.

Searchable Directory of Selected Online & Distance Learning Journals

Contact North | Contact Nord has developed a useful searchable directory of Selected Journals in Online and Distance Learning.


Listing of Journals in Educational Technology, Instructional Design & Distance Learning

A listing of nearly 270 educational technology, instructional design and distance learning journals can be found online at

Ranking of Educational Technology Journals

If you are interested in a publication outlet for your research, check out Patrick Lowenthal’s compilation of the h5-index of Educational Technology Journals.   The journal having the highest h5-index is Computers & Education, followed by Teaching and Teacher Education and Journal of Educational Psychology.

CFP – Higher Learning Research Communications Journal

Per their website:

Higher Learning Research Communications (HLRC) is an Open Access, peer-reviewed and editorial reviewed scientific journal dedicated to publishing research in Higher Education. The Journal aims to advance knowledge on all aspects concerning teaching and learning in higher education institutions. Through better understanding of institutional policy and actual practice in colleges and universities, it seeks to foster the collaboration of innovative minds and the best of the practice, and offer forward thinking and global thought leadership. A broad coverage calls for international involvement to nurture the global environment in which Higher Education evolves. Innovative approaches for teaching and learning at the college level, as well as policies and best practices, are at the very core of the scope of the Journal.

Authors, researchers and experts in the field of Higher Education from all around the world are invited to submit their original, unpublished contributions. The Journal is published in English, but accepts submissions in other languages. (If submitting in a language other than English, Spanish or Portuguese, please contact the editorial team before submitting a manuscript). These submissions must include an abstract in English and, if accepted, will be published in both the original language and an English translation.

HLRC publishes quarterly (March, June, September, and December) and has established a specific review process in order to ensure the quality of the research and the publication. This process entails a preliminary editorial review, double-blind peer-review, and editorial academic review.

Special themes and submission dates for the upcoming issues can be found at Higher Learning Research Communications Call for Papers .

Journal: Hybrid Pedagogy

Hybrid Pedagogy is an open-access peer-reviewed journal.  According to its website it:

: is not ideologically neutral;
: connects discussions of critical pedagogy, digital pedagogy, and online pedagogy;
: brings higher education and K-12 teachers into conversation with the e-learning and open education communities;
: considers our personal and professional hybridity;
: disrupts distinctions between students, teachers, and learners;
: explores the relationship between pedagogy and scholarship;
: invites its audience to participate in (and be an integral part of) the peer review process;
: and thus interrogates (and makes transparent) academic publishing practices.

Submission instructions for the journal can be found at .

e-Learn Magazine Writer Guidelines

If you are interested in publishing on e-learning in higher education, one possible outlet is e-Learn Magazine.  Writer Guidelines for e-Learn can be found at .

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