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How Melanie Clark’s grandmother fulfilled a promise to Melanie’s father

Melanie Clark

Give her the same advantages you gave me…

Before Melanie Clark’s father died, this was the request he communicated to his mother, Julie Clark (at right Melanie with her grandmotherwith Melanie).

Melanie was only five at the time. In the coming years, her grandmother filled Melanie’s life with experiences that expanded Melanie’s world and gave her a much broader understanding of life—a cruise when Melanie was nine, the chance to take part in the People to People Ambassadorial Program in Australia during high school, other opportunities for learning and experience.

“She is always trying to push me to keep growing as an individual,” Melanie says, “to keep pushing myself forward and go after what I want to do.”

Musical tickets lead to Melanie’s future

Possibly most important to Melanie’s future, Julie Clark introduced Melanie to UIS by bringing her to performances at the Sangamon Auditorium on the UIS campus. Continue reading

Why Ted Mims is so important to Bill Hoffman’s success

Bill and Ruth Hoffman

Ruth and Bill Hoffman

Only $50.

The year was 1982. Bill Hoffman and his wife, Ruth, had just finished doing their books for the previous year. A drought had cut crop yields as much as 50% on their grain farm, leading to a final income for the year of only $50.

“I think it’s time for me to get a job,” Bill told his wife.

The job Bill took as an electronic technician eventually led to an upper-level management position with Microsoft Corporation. At one point, Bill would be managing over a hundred people in a four-state district.

“I never could have imagined I would end up in management,” Bill says now. Continue reading