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Stories of students at UIS and the generous scholarship donors who support their dreams

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Late start both a challenge and blessing for Kim Koratsky

Kim Kortasky Work by day. School by night.

As so many other students have done at UIS—especially during the years when the University was known as Sangamon State University—this is how Kim Koratsky earned his degree.

As a student, Kim received the Mary and Nelson Howarth Memorial Scholarship, and while he didn’t know it back then, his life and his career would add to the honor Mary and Nelson receive through the scholarship. Continue reading

Careful planning propels Josh Lawson to promising future

Josh Lawson for blog

Josh Lawson is a man who plans ahead.

Growing up in a family with eight brothers and sisters, he decided fairly early that his only hope of going to college was joining the military, which would provide educational assistance for tuition and some fees.

So 5-1/2 years ago, he joined the Illinois Army National Guard.

He decided at the time to have his work in the Guard count for more than just educational assistance. He would use the time to develop skills for his career as well.

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