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Stories of students at UIS and the generous scholarship donors who support their dreams

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A road less traveled rewards Beverly Shannon with a remarkable life

Beverly ShannonWhen Beverly Shannon graduated from high school, she could have chosen a simple, straightforward future: a degree from UCLA followed by a safe and satisfying career.

Instead, Beverly chose dancing, and as Robert Frost said in a famous poem about two roads diverging in a wood—choosing that less-traveled path made all the difference. Continue reading

A Navy buddy’s lessons inspire a new career for Mike Baracani

Submarine--USS William H. BatesWhen Mike Baracani of Oglesby, Illinois, began classes at UIS, he probably didn’t realize quite how much of a challenge it would be for him to juggle a fulltime job, commute two hours a day, be a good dad to his kids and husband to his wife, all while taking online business classes at UIS.

But he’s managed to do it all, and he’s done so with a great cause—to help people get where they want to be financially. Continue reading

A mother’s generosity inspires a memorial scholarship

Burks Oakley, II, at the Scholarship Luncheon

Burks Oakley II at the 2015 UIS Scholarship Luncheon

Dr. Burks Oakley II spoke at the 2015 UIS Scholarship Luncheon, representing donors. He has given an endowed scholarship fund to UIS in honor of his mother, Grace Brorström Oakley. These are his remarks:

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