Hangzhou: Initial Impressions

So we got to Hangzhou just a few days ago, and I must say that I’m pretty impressed by the living situation, the campus, the food, and the people here. Within just the past few days, I’ve made several friends with the “student ambassadors” here, and they all seem incredibly interested in us and America as a whole, which is honestly more than I had expected.

Aside from the students, I’ve already began indulging in various kinda of food — most of which are delicious. Just last night, we ate at a restaurant that uses hot pots embedded in the tables to cook the food. So they would serve us raw food, and then we would cook and season the food right there. Since we were served raw food, and we are college kids, of course someone would joke about daring me to eat a meatball raw; and being the wise college kid that I am, of course I had to oblige. I turned a profit of 10 RMB from the whole ordeal — not sick yet! 😀

3 responses to “Hangzhou: Initial Impressions

  1. For those unaware… 10 RMB does not equal 10 American dollars… It doesn’t even equal 2 dollars. It equates to 1 dollar and some change. Have fun with salmonella, Caleb!

  2. Salmonella takes 72 hours to kick in, are you feeling the side effects yet? 😀
    (P.S. I did not convince him to eat the raw mystery-meat meatball.)

    • Really just diarrhea so far! the diarrhea started approximately 24 hours after consuming the food, but Salmonella is really just the worst case scenario. It’s more likely to just remain diarrhea and maybe I’ll develop a fever. Regardless, while the 10 RMB is really next to nothing, a person must also consider the other side of the deal. All I was doing was eating a ball of raw meat, which is relatively low-risk, and I had a guaranteed reward of 10 RMB. What gambling man wouldn’t take a low risk for a guaranteed reward?

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