Befriending the Locals

The best part of any travel experience is the people you meet along the way. While places, infrastructure, and natural features are amazing, the people are even more so. It is from all of my traveling experience, but especially this one, that I have realized how truly similar we all are. Tonight a game of Bad Mitton demonstrated that games cross cultural boundaries and no one had to speak in order for us to all understand the activity.

A simple smile is a way to show people in the States that we recognize their existence. Here, however, a smile is often met with a greeting and demonstration of one’s English level. For our new friend Mumu, however, a smile is an indication of a joke or prank. Often stopping to bark at any dog he sees, or attempting to hold a stranger’s baby, a smile for Mumu means an adventure will soon begin. Never afraid to give a new foreign friend a lift, Mumu is quick to offer a go around on his scooter, he is even quick to offer up his keys. He told me that if I can ride a bicycle I can drive a scooter, and hell, for only 2000 RMB a pop, I might have to get one.

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