If one were to guess the most popular beer in the world, they would probably guess something brewed by Anheuser-Busch. Maybe Budweiser? Nope, think internationally. Okay, perhaps Heineken? It’s not that either. The most popular beer in the world is not even a beer that is exported to that many countries. It’s domestic to China! The Chinese beer, Snow, is the most popular beer in the world by volume drank. Taking into account the massive and thirsty population of China, it is no surprise that a domestic Chinese beer leads the world by volumes drank per year. To those curious of what Snow taste like… reminiscent of bud light. And did I mention it is extremely cheap? Snow brand beer is around 74 cents per 500 milliliters (16.9 oz). Step aside Natural Light and frat boys prepare yourselves for the new guy in town.

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