4th of July in China

The 4th reminded me of how much I am truly missing home. Being away from Illinois, and even America, is not new for me. Yet I still miss my culture in profound ways. While the world is much smaller than it once was, I am becoming more aware of how truly far I am away from everything I know. The cultural exchange is enlightening, I would not trade this time for the world, however something about passing the fourth abroad is difficult. Last night we played a fun game of pong and sang the national anthem at the top of our lungs, still I miss celebrating with millions of Americans what we have to be proud of. I miss the fireworks and ice cold Stags. I miss children dancing around with fire sticks we call sparklers. Most of all, I miss being surrounded by the people that I love and hold dear. I am thankful, however, that our Chinese friends came to celebrate with us. We even hung up a flag.

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