Wacky Taxi

Taxi rides in the city are cheap and easy to find. Simply ask the front desk to call you a cab, or flag one in the street. For less than 5 American dollars one can travel across town or to the local Korean BBQ place for a birthday dinner of a colleague. It was in this pursuit that three of our heroes embarked on a journey they would not forget.

The last taxi to arrive was driven by a middle aged woman, the first taxi driver I have encountered that was not a man. As we entered the vehicle she was having a heated conversation with our concierge, I assumed that they were clarifying the location in which we had hoped to journey. The car was a small Honda and we noticed immediately that shock absorption was not a comfort afforded to us on this trip. As we left the parking lot of the hotel a small speed bump set off a chain reaction… a loud crack was heard an immediately ignored as our driver peeled out of the driveway and entered traffic.

The two of us in the back seat observed an odd sound as the taxi continued to drive. As the sound grew worrisome the driver pulled the emergency brake and stopped dead in the fast lane. As traffic passed on the right, she left the car to investigate a bumper that had obviously been repaired on more than one occasion. Fashioned with only rusty screws, the bumper held on by the grace of god. One of the adventurers suggested that we rip the bumper off as a sacrifice to the traffic Gods and abandon it in a bush. However, our fearless driver surmised that she could fix this bumper. While scavenging for tools she lifted the trunk to reveal a very large tank of gasoline that sits behind the rear passengers, a horrifying surprise. Armed with only a lanyard and an old phone charger she fashioned the bumper back to the vehicle. A police officer watched the ordeal with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth, seemingly unconcerned. As she motioned us to get back in the car we finally sat down and proceeded to crawl at a nauseatingly slow place to the restaurant where our friends anticipated our arrival. As we sat in the vehicle a fellow (who is to remain anonymous) exclaimed, ” I just realized that I am going to sh*t my pants!”

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  1. I can see why a passenger would be endanger of defecating their pants if a car’s suspension is not absorbent! Every bump along the road must have been miserable for them. Upset stomachs and bumpy car rides are definitely not a good combination!

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