Xin’anjiang Hydropower Station & Dogs!

Yesterday we visited the Xin’anjiang Hydropower station and it was absolutely amazing to see. The unit was very large and is located on the Xin’an River in Jiande city. I was disappointed when we were told that we would not be able to view the large reservoir located on the other side of the unit, due to the elevators being out of commission. However, we were able to take a walk inside the plant to view the lengthy row of large generators that powered the unit. I think it would’ve been excited to see it all in action, but unfortunately that was not on the agenda. Prior to our visit to the dam, we toured around the Shen’ao Village which was of course, beautiful. The small alleyways we walked through gave me European vibes, even though I’ve never traveled to Europe and am basing my comparison from pictures and films (haha). By this, I am referring to the narrow walkways, in between the ancient, residential buildings, that vehicles also traveled through. We dodged quite a few cars and motorcyclists on our path. We were able to view some areas of the underground water system and the town was rather quiet. It was a nice change of pace from the more populated areas of China. This ancient village had a more peaceful tone to it.

I also happened to notice many street dogs and even chickens lounging around the Shen’ao Village. Stray dogs have been a common occurrence for me throughout my trip in China.  They are all adorable and most look well cared for, whereas some have seen better days. The dogs seem friendly enough but I’m careful not to get too close, even though I crave to pet their cute little bodies. This makes me miss my furry little cats back at home.

I seriously miss my cats so much…. *sniffles*

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