Hospital Day 2 (Still Alive)

So 2 days after my neck was X-rayed, I revisited the hospital, expecting to get an MRI and consult an orthopedic surgeon. While walking into the hospital, the first thing I noticed was the sheer number of people. Compared to Sunday’s crowd, I would say there were about 50 times as many people there on Tuesday. Every check-in machine (roughly 100 total) was occupied, with a line of about 5 people long, each desk had a line of 10+ people, escalators were packed, seating areas were packed, and standing areas were packed. However, aside from check-in, the massive number of people didn’t seem to have any significant effect on the wait time I experienced. After I was checked in, it only took about an hour or so to get everything I needed and get out of the hospital.

Speaking of what I needed, turns out the specialist we consulted didn’t think I needed an MRI (great, but if American doctors want one, I’d definitely prefer a cheap MRI in China, where I’ve already reached my insurance deductible. Not to mention the raw cost of an MRI would be thousands cheaper than it is in the United States.). The Chinese doctor, after zooming in and out on the X-ray for a solid 30-45 seconds, said that my neck bones are probably straightened like that simply because I belong to a generation that looks down at phone and computer screens aa lot. He gave me a prescription for some muscle relaxants and some heat pads (which are way too hot, and I’m certain they would cause burns within 3 hours) for me to wear throughout the night. He also told me to get a neck brace, which has been helpful so far — it certainly makes traveling easier, and it prevents me from moving the wrong way and inflicting some intense pain on myself.

For anyone curious, my total hospital bill for my 2nd visit was 678.6 RMB ($97-$113), 668.6 of which was the neck brace and medicines (basically a free consultation).

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