Ping Pong – Coach Brady!

I used to play tennis back in highschool, and since then I’ve always loved racket sports of all kinds. In particular, I’ve had a lot of fun playing ping pong with friends back home. Since ping pong is very popular in China, I figured I would get an opportunity to play the sport while staying here. I met a really good Chinese player whose English name is Brady. I tried every trick I could think of, but I was completely unable to beat him! His English is very good and we agreed to practice together when we had some free time. I had never formally learned things like how to properly hold the paddle and how the best players use footwork and spin to help return and control the ball. Brady is very kind and was happy to teach me these things, basically becoming my own personal ping pong coach! I still have not been able to beat him, but I can tell that I am improving. Through ping pong, I have made several cool Chinese friends and picked up a new hobby as well!

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