Zhejiang University of Technology Visit and Solar Power!

Yesterday evening we visited the nearby Zhejiang University of Technology to meet some of the students. Much like our ambassadors here at Wanxiang Polytechnic, they were very nice and welcoming. We got to speak with them about what university life is like in China.

They do play sports, although it is not as much of a large event as it is the U.S., and the concept of drinking alcohol at school events is foreign to them. Here in China though, students have opportunities to study abroad just like American students (the Chinese students I spoke with seemed to like/want to travel to the U.K. and Australia the most), and they also do volunteer work such as going to impoverished areas and tutoring children with limited access to education. Similar to U.S. colleges, universities here also have work-study opportunities, although I believe that college is (relatively) cheaper in China, so most Chinese students prefer to focus more on their studies than work part-time jobs for spending money.

This morning we had a seminar on solar power! I learned some new things, particularly about the differences between light-thermal conversion (converting solar energy into thermal energy) and photoelectric conversion (converting solar energy into electrical energy, the one I think that we all know and love the most!). Another interesting new solar technology that I learned about was “concentrator photovoltaics”, which uses mirrors to concentrate a bunch of light into one spot for maximum efficiency. I really thought that one was cool; so simple but still new-ish technology!

Hope everyone in the U.S. is enjoying their summer! <3

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