“I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead”

Although each individual day has seemed long and busy, I’m shocked to realize next week is our last week in China! Where has the time gone? Our busy schedules have taken a toll on my energy and I find myself falling asleep relatively early. Lately I feel time is not on my side. This program has been amazing but there are many activities that take up much of my free time. This past Wednesday we had a full 13 hour day planned which left very little room for me to focus on my research. As tiresome as it is, I am grateful for the opportunity I’ve had learning about the Chinese culture and their sustainable energy!

Today is Friday and we toured the Hangzhou Cuisine Museum. The food all looked delicious despite the fact that the models were made of plastic. Some food items were very bizarre such as something that was labeled, “ape lips.” Still not quite sure if it was the actual lips from an ape or some sort of mistranslation. On that note, we had lunch at the museum, but our food options were relatively normal. As our scheduled day came to a close, I was able to relax and study in my room. I took a small break to pop outside and wish one of our ambassadors a happy birthday. There was a small cake fight and everyone was in good spirits. I have a very long and exciting weekend planned so I should probably head to bed. I’ll update soon, goodnight!

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