Smelling the Barn

It is officially a week until we return to the U.S.! While I have very much enjoyed my time here in Japan and China, I am excited to be coming home. I know this may sound odd, but of all the things I miss about home the most, I think I miss my autonomy (but 32 oz fountain Diet Cokes from Circle K are a very close second). For nearly two months now almost every second of every day has been planned and curated for me. I will be so happy to be back home, wake up in the morning, and think, “Today I wil do tasks A, B, and C, and if I have time, maybe things D and E!” I am also a fairly reserved and introverted person, so being back in a situation where if I so choose I can not hear or speak to anyone for an extended period of time will be the ultimate joy for me!

In other news, I have cemented the direction I would like to take my research proposal for this course in! I am very excited about this, especially since I now have about three weeks worth of numerical data on a spreadsheet in another tab as I type this. I looked forward to delving into the numbers, and have been told I can keep my Igeress air monitor through the fall semester, which opens up even more doors for me!

The wifi is being unreliable tonight, and we have a long day tomorrow visiting Wanxiang Precision Industries, so I will say goodnight and sign off before I lose internet! Hope all is well for everyone back home <3

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