The Drug Dealer

Please enjoy my poem (:

What a loyal servant, that follows me everywhere
Always reliable, always faithful
He teaches precision in our questions
Anything but precision yields confusion and indecision.

Semper fi

Most often, he is a drug dealer
Sating my addiction to knowledge.
But the drug dealer has become my addiction.
The drug dealer has become the drug.

Sempre fi

Oh Google! My body craves your inquisitive touch!
How should I know the details of pollution?
How should I know the meaning of Sempre fidelis?
Oh Google, return to me.

Sempre fi

Google embodies those words
But not here, not in China.
I’m an addict without his dealer.
I’m an addict without his drug.

3 responses to “The Drug Dealer

  1. Sometimes Google gets through – such as in the case of sponsored ads!

  2. Microsoft Bing

    I hear you’re looking for a fix…

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