The Rare Sight of a Clear Sky

On my way home from the spa on Sunday, I looked out from the taxi window and noticed the large full moon above. To my surprise, there were a couple stars that were visible in the sky! This is a rare occurrence in China due to the heavy light pollution. I half expected this because when I had woken up that morning, I noticed the sky was the clearest it had been since I arrived a few weeks ago. The sun was shining bright in the blue sky with just a few clouds, visible. It reminded me of the sky at home! Sadly, today was the usual cloudiness. Every day is usually the same so it is rather noticeable when the sky is clearer out. As we drove to the Wanxiang Precision Industry, I gazed out the window and noticed the smoggy film blocking my view to what would be mountains in the distance. I wonder what this view would have looked like if I took the same route on Sunday, when the skies were clear.

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